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30 days of lists: what you're good at

day two! i've seen other people get all snazzy and decorate their binders like woah. but i just used this stupid work binder. i added some cutout hearts i did for another project, and some flowers i got yesterday from trader joes to cute it up a bit.

30 days of lists:  what i'm good at

i'm sure you can read all that, but in case not, it's:

writing songs, making mac & cheese, singing, reading people, styling outfits, making amends, smiling, lookin' foxy, posting on facebook, having curly hair, breakdancing (i wish...)

oh man, i bet i really faked you out with that breakdancing one, huh?? haha! just joshin'.

oh and just so you know, curly hair is DEFINITELY something you need to be good at. other curly-haired girls and boys know. i consider myself an expert.


  1. I really like this twist on the "30 Days" idea! Too cute. And I wish I was good at Breakdancing too :)
    Stopped over from the FTLOB hop. Have a great Thirsty Thursday!

  2. New follower. When you get the chance please follow me back.. http://realadventuresfromamomof3.blogspot.com/

  3. You're hilarious! As a dedicated list-maker myself, I love this little exercise! ;o)

  4. texagarma & lisa, you should check out the challenge and hop in! it's fun. lists are great :)



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