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30 days of lists

for the past few days, i've been scouring the internetz for new blogs to read. the blogging world is interesting... i never realized how intense it is! there's just as much work and marketing involved in gaining a readership as there is in trying to launch a musical project...

anyway, in my pokings around, i found a blog challenge i'm interested in trying. it's called 30 days of lists. i do love lists. it's the only way i find i can get things done. otherwise, everything just gets all jumbled in my head and i'm easily overwhelmed. plus, i think it's good way to get myself blogging every single day.

the first list is an "about me" of sorts:

30 days of lists:  about me

what is written in case it's illegible-

survivor, writer, artist, performer, coffee lover, cat mom, marketer, admin assistant, spiritual seeker, vintage queen, anthropologie whore, compassionate, empathetic, takes on too many tasks, curvy, smells nice, just trying to live life the best i can

i wrote this in my regular journal, but i downloaded the packet of list topics already written out. so i'll try to make it all scrapbooky and cute. although i'm pretty busy and can't promise to do that every day. i can't promise i'll even finish the challenge, but here's to trying.

yay! fun project! don't worry though. regularly scheduled posts- outfits, studio stuff, etc.- will still be squeezed into the mix.

speaking of.....

get ready for some cat love! looks like scout luvs my grandma blanket just as much as i do...




  1. ugh, i need to do this too! ; )


  2. DOIT! it's fun!

    so you're a brooklyn girl too, eh? yay!


  3. I laughed out loud at the term "anthropologie whore." Ditto.

  4. takes one to know one, i guess :P


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