March 20, 2011

etsy love

here's a quick list of some etsy faves of the moment.

these little journal necklaces are so cute! they look so well made, and $20 seems like a steal. i've actually been stalking them for a few days, and couldn't help myself from ordering this one today.
by VadeMecum1984

my feet often get cold, and i frequently wear socks around the house. i've been looking for a good pair of house slippers again, as my old ones were torn apart by my cats. i love the aqua color and little bow.
by sereniknits

nom noms? i totally don't need a soap that looks like cake, as i'm a body wash user, and there is no room left in our shower for even one more product. but as you're shampooing and lathering in the morning, wouldn't seeing these in your soap dish just make life feel so much nicer?
by blushie

even though it seems i've officialy flaked out on the 30 days of lists challenge, that doesn't mean that my mind isn't still filled with lists ALL THE FRIGGING TIME. something like this would definitely help keep that in check.
by boygirlparty

also, here's a few pictures of my brunch with zach & maeve i never got around to posting.

zach & maeve



tried to take outfit photos earlier with the point & shoot, but they came out poopy :( meh. i'll try again later when the canon is around (matt's out at a festival shooting stuff) more pics soon!!

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. such nice weather! xo


  1. i'm not sure if jen left you a comment on here or not, but we're so glad you found our blog. yours is so cute!

    i love that you write music. i'm gonna go check it out now. writing music is up there for my fav things to do.

    and we're from providence!! my roommate up here is from westerly too. beautiful town. maybe you guys know each other....RI is such a small state. I feel like everyone knows everyone! haha!


  2. Those journal necklaces are so very cute. I think I may have to order one myself! xoxo

  3. jane- it's so cool you guys are from ri! do you go to the savers in warwick? man, i used to hit up that place ALL the time. still try to if i'm back home for a few days. i'm glad i found your blog :)

    jenny- i'll definitely take some outfit photos with it on & give a full report on its awesomeness :)


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