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hipness... part 12

guess what? outfittime!


tank top- thrifted
scarf- closeout store
anthropologie outdoor cafe cardigan
anthropologie tria skirt
leggings- forever 21
uniqlo men's socks
booties- thrifted

the skirt...
i saw this skirt on about a thousand blogs before i picked it up. i didn't get the hype. to me, it looked like a pair of sweatpants turned inside out (sorry!) but then i was browsing at anthro last week, and i saw a lone one on the rack. my size. a lot nicer than it looked in pictures. it's 100% wool, which i didn't realize. marked down to TEN DOLLARS. :yoink: mine!

there are some issues though... there are a few small holes in the waistband- it almost looks like it's been moth-eaten. but for $10, i'll deal... i don't think i could even thrift a skirt this nice for this cheap!


also, my beloved oxford booties had to go to the shoe doctor the other day. i was just walking along on the street, and the heel just came right off! luckily, i was just a few blocks from home. it only cost $15 to get fixed, but he shined them. i kind of prefer the more beat-up look, but oh well.

don't be

go ahead! ask about the sign.


  1. Came over from FTLOB. I'm biting...what about the sign?

  2. lol!

    well, had a look at your blog, and it's/ you're adorable! but i can see you're a mom, so you might not agree...

    but it's from a rally my friends attended here in nyc- for the bill proposing to cut funding to planned parenthood.


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