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hipness... part 15

red red red.

red red red

red red red

i discovered a new pose today... sitting down.

red red red

it's been a bit of a weepy weekend... hope you can't tell i'd been crying in these photos :) matt took the good camera upstate, so i was stuck with my little point-and-shoot. i don't think they came out half-bad!

this is definitely my new favorite dress. it was a steal on ebay for $7.50 or so. it's casual, feminine, and of course, bright! sturdy and lovely. i think i'll try to continue to wear it into summer, even though it is corduroy.

red red red

red red red

maeve corduroy jumper via ebay
scarf- closeout store
anthropologie poms & trinkets necklace
leggings- f21
anthropologie levade clogs (similar here)

lipstick- besame cherry red

red red red

i've been really busy the past few days, so that's why no updates. more to come this week! i've got photos and stories to share about the most recent recording sessions, so stay tuned.

hope everyone's weekend was the stuff dreams are made of. xoxo


  1. I love bright red dresses! I especially like how you styled this outfit. Lovely!

  2. yay! glad you liked it. xoxo

  3. love that dress, and the color! thanks your your comment :)

    <3 steffy


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