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i think i see the light

sunday dinner yet again! this time it was at zach's place. ribs with all the fixin's. i was exhausted from being crammed on a very uncomfortable bus all day... but the prospect of a good meal and good friends propelled me out of my stupor and onward to greenpoint.

i waited for the bus, but decided to split a cab with a guy who ended up paying for my half of the ride. (chivalry. itz not dead!) then the authentically new-york-crazy cab driver tried to convert me on the way there. he gave me his business card... "rolling for jesus," it said.

and evidently when i rang the buzzer, they were telling ghost stories and i scared the crap out of everyone. haha.

the cook!

zach, ribz, & cornbread

i kind of think this dish of ribs (uncooked) looks a little like a dish of intestines. but they were still pretty delicious.

some of these pictures were taken by me, but most were taken by matt.

camera-shy maeve



matt double take

then for some reason, we started taking pictures of each other creepily looking up into the light. i love how rapturous zach looks...

light matt

light zach

light chan

then we got really drunk and tired, and had to walk home because it would've been faster than taking the bus.

but it was all worth it!



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