March 23, 2011

indie inspirations ~ meghan morrison

good afternoon everyone :)

i'm starting a new interview series called indie inspirations. it's meant to highlight people i admire. it'll probably be mostly musicians at this point... but it can turn into anyone i percieve to be awesome!

i think with so many of us trying to make it to the top of the social media heap nowadays, it's important to shine light on each other- not just ourselves. so this is hopefully the start of that at chantillysongs :)

meghan morrison is a musician and performer from canada. she caught my eye when we were taking the music success in nine weeks challenge together (which isn't as hokey as it sounds.) i was very impressed at how focused she was on each chapter, and how seriously she took the challenge. she's obviously very determined, and i like that :)

i got the chance to ask her a few questions about life and music, and so here they are!!

how did you get your start in music?

I took piano lessons for a year or two when I was young, but quit because I didn't like being told what to play. Then played oboe in my school band for 4 years and the school's jazz band for 3 years.

I would also sing my heart out in the mornings while waiting for the school bus, but never if someone else was around. I was too self-conscious about my voice, not considering myself to be a musician, nor a songwriter. I went away off to university and it wasn't until I returned home after my second year that the songs really started coming out.


I couldn't stop the songs, and my brother and I decided to start a band together, which we called Purl of Surf. Still not really seeing myself as a musician, I enrolled in grad school and pursued the band as a hobby on the side. It became an increasingly important hobby to me, especially when I started introducing my own songs.

After grad school, I moved to Toronto with the guise of looking for a "real job", but knowing deep down it was because I wanted to do something with my music. When I couldn't find one during the recession, I made it my excuse to pursue music and haven't looked back since. I would say that's when I really got my start in music :)

what are your performances like? do you like to dress up onstage?

My performances vary. I have a 5 piece band that plays with me (drums, bass, guitar, keys, violin), but they aren't always all available for every show. So, sometimes it's just me on bass and keys and the show is very up-close and personal. Other times it's epic and loud with the full band on bigger stages. And then there are times where there are just a few of us and we play more to the room and crowd.

I always try to bake and bring cupcakes for my newsletter suscribers (new and existing), as a thank you, and will mingle with the crowd before and after our set.


do you get stage fright? if so, how do you handle it?

I used to get stage fright. Not as much anymore. To get over it, I just kept putting myself in performance situations that scared me and taking opportunities without preparation (I discuss this a bit more in my blog "Stage Fright and Facing The Music").

In the end, having an "I can perform anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances" mentality helps me avoid stage fright all together. It's funny though, I get more nervous performing in front of just one person than to a packed house.

do you have any other creative outlets besides music?

I have many creative outlets, which I would like to try and synergize. I love painting. Have done that for many years, but have fallen out of the habit since music came along. Ideally, I would like to paint a picture of every song I write and post them online with the songs.

I also love film. Having been a competitive figure skater, I feel that movement and music create intense emotional beauty. In this way, I also feel that music and film belong together. Since starting to write music videos and scoring a friend's short film, I've been offered a position as an in-house film composer with a team in Toronto and am really excited about this new opportunity. [this is so awesome!!]

in your experience, what's been the best tool in promoting yourself/ your music?

The best tool in promoting myself? ... Probably myself :) haha. Yes, I just called myself a tool. Seriously though, I think the person is just as important as the music. I've been told that I am charming and that people are drawn to who I am, not just the songs. That is what builds the strongest, truest fans, and regardless of the platform you choose (be it Twitter, Facebook, Whatever), you (the person) have to shine through the technology.


so what are you waiting for? go check her out!
+ meghan's website
+ meghan's facebook

+ meghan's twitter



  1. I enjoy posts such as this. It's always lovely to get to know more about the folks that inspire us. :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -

  2. i'm glad you enjoy it teresa :) hopefully there'll be more to come.


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