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ionsound fest pics!

here's a few pictures from the site fest show i was a part of a few weeks ago. taken by andrew bridge.




unrelated: today was AWESEOME. found some good scores at savers in attleboro and warwick. there was a dress that i terribly regret leaving behind, so my wonderful parents are taking me back tomorrow to see if it's still there :) will talk more about it later...

did anything special happen with your weekend?



  1. Wow, those pics depict you doing three things I could never do - play the guitar, sing and do it publicly!

    You look fantastic in those pics - powerful, beautiful and soulfull!

  2. it took a long time for me to do all those things even semi-comfortably :)

    i sincerely appreciate this compliment. i feel like my musical/ performing work goes unnoticed most of the time, so thank you :)


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