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necklace love

phew! just got back from the ascap new york sessions. it's like a one day mini-conference for songwriters with panels and speakers. i've been networking all day and it's soooo exhausting (but fun!) there will be a post on it at a later date...

for now, i just wanted to share this little journal pendant that i announced i was recieving from etsy.

etsy book necklace
by VadeMecum1984

so cute, right?? i was hoping to get a picture of it actually on, but i'm not completely familiar with the ins and outs of this camera, and it kept coming out blurry.

honestly, it's a little flimsier than it appears in the pictures. however, i'm still thrilled to have it. long necklaces with interesting stuff dangling from them are my fave.

and you can actually open the little book and write in it!! i'm either going to have other people sign all the pages, or document tremendous life epiphanies in them.

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  1. massive klove, i want one!

    Helen, X

  2. they're really cute! i highly recommend it.


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