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rhode island ho!

one of my most favorite things about visiting rhode island (besides seeing my family) is the cozy bed my mom makes in the guest room. get this- there's a down topper AND a down comforter. when i get up in the morning, it's like waking up in a cloud.

chamomile mint tea in bed.

tea in bed

and as i mentioned the other day, we went a-thrifting. this is always my number one wish-list activity when i visit my parents, as the thrifting scene here in nyc is always such poop :( i did find a couple things i was looking for. but other stuff- like those work boots- were total impulse buys.

carhartt work boots, loafers, plaid and paisley square scarves (i needed these!)

thrift scores

brown linen dress. it wouldn't photograph nicely because of the low light, so finally i had to hang it on the pot rack to get a decent shot.


also, i did get one other dress, no picture. the one i mentioned that i regretted not getting that day, and we went back to see if it was still there? my mom actually found it! but i left it in ri for some reason. i think mom's going to get it altered for me.

lucky girl!

anyone else had a thrifting or bargain-hunting experience lately that brings pride to their heart?



  1. Anonymous3/29/2011

    I love those workboots!!

  2. they were brand new! total score.

  3. That dress is so cute! And the bed in the guess room sounds so nice with the down comforter! :)

  4. those loafers are really cool!!! i love everything else as well but i think they are my favorite, good finds! :P xx

  5. thanks girlies!

    that bed is so great, but it's a trap. it can suck you in for hours, and you'll wonder where your day went.

    & those loafers have been a permanent fixture on my feet since i got them :)


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