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things i'm looking forward to

day 3 of 30 days of lists...

30 days of lists- i'm looking forward to...

recording session friday! (i think), dance party on saturday!, ionsound festial on sunday! (i'm playing), receiving a nice ebay dress in the mail, getting more involved in the blogging community, completing my newest ep!! (yay!), SPRING, sleep (always)

why is it that boys always want to take a picture of a girl when she's half-asleep/ half-drunk/ sweatpants-ed/ oily/ un-makeuped/ generally unkempt? without fail, matt will always pick the time when i'm sitting around in my jammies to get some shots in.

perhaps boys think that girls are cute in our more "natural" state. or perhaps they just think THEY are being cute. but it is not cute, friends. no sir.

so matt snapped some doozies tonight, and unfortunately, this is the most flattering pic of the bunch. here i am, writing out tonight's list in all my frizzy, post-yoga glory...

boy picture

as you can see, i'm about to pass out, so you can just imagine how i feel now. time to get me some of that last thing on my list.


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