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what up cello?

(...by the way. did you know you can get some songs from my last album for FREE?! head to my bandcamp page to listen and download.)


MAJOR accomplishments happened this weekend. we recently decided that we're aiming for tracking to be done in april.  i don't really know how it's going to happen.. recording in our sleep?


saturday was a trip. the day started out promising, with a hopeful text message:

"notation display track settings : globals : allow note overlap!!!!"

... yay?! whatever that was, it seemed to be a good sign. plus i had planned to make some quiche for myself and the boys for dinner. bonus for everyone!

mics, cables, etx

got a lot of vocals done on both days!

then shane came over! and we recorded strings...




AND. we only got through ONE song- (although a very complicated song with at least four parts.)

i have to admit, that session was hard... and i wasn't even the one playing or engineering! it was frustrating because of protools notation errors, some ghostie girls*, and a few other reasons.

we were all struggling to remain focused, and the wine was flowing in abundance. guess i had a few too many, because i started getting teary. i became gradually more and more emotional... until i finally had to leave the session to go cry out in the hallway!

the next day at brunch, i told my friends zach and maeve this story and they were like "that's the most emo thing we've ever heard." ahaha! i guess it is pretty emo, which makes me able to laugh about it.

but all in all, they pulled through, and finished up some hard string lines. one song down, two to go!

shane thor galligan

violin line to a song!

*ghostie girls- notes accidentally hit during the playing of the main note on the cello (or any other stringed instrument.)


  1. I love this pics, i admire a lot talented people who made music!!!


  2. thanks for stopping by :) i'm happy the pics seemed to come out good... wasn't too sure about them...

  3. I love the photos! :)) Great post :))

    Lovely blog, stop by mine anytime :))


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