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wishing the night away

30 days of lists update:

i'm totally typing yesterday and today's lists directly into my blog, rather than writing/ taking a photo/ uploading the photo/ color-correcting the photo... etc. it's for convenience and my sanity's sake.

yesterday's list was supposed to be favorite blogs/ websites, but i'm changing that because i feel like it. instead it's favorite ice cream! so ready go:

- cookies & cream with peanut butter sauce
- pretty much any ice cream with peanut butter sauce (like, a lot of it)
- ben & jerry's peanut butter cup (detecting a pattern?)
- ben & jerry's cheesecake
- butter pecan

sundae fudgy sundae
by mackenziephoto

now, TODAY'S list is my wishlist. guh. you can only imagine. i'll start off with some things that are not gonna happen any time soon:

- a new acoustic guitar. though i'm not sure what kind i'd like. but would love for this potential guitar to play easy, sound pretty, and look nice.
- an electric guitar
- one of my songs on grey's anatomy?
- free rent?
- health insurance??

now... for some flim-flammy, girlie fun stuff that is probably just slightly more attainable (maybe.)

with pictures!!

first up, this dress on modcloth immediately caught my attention. will you just look at that kitschy pattern that reminds me of a vintage kitchen towel??  but it's out of stock. and $100 is a kinda hefty price anyway. o wellz.

i know they're redic, but ever since i saw these blowfish shoes on orchid grey, i can't stop thinking about them! she's hosting a giveaway for a pair. i hope i win!

i've been eyballing this cute lil' tote on etsy for quite some time...

* i also would really like to invest in this e-course on blogging at some point in the near future.

also, this dress please.



man, sometimes i wish i were a bored manhattan housewife...



actually no, not really. not for all the anthropologie dresses in the world.


  1. All of the clothes, and the bag, and the accessories... SO pretty! I want to shop now.

  2. i knoww that's what kills me about blog-reading sometimes. i love to look at pretty things that people wear/ promote, but it makes me want all of them!

  3. That ice cream looks SUPER delish!! Omg those dresses.. pity they are so expensive! x

    Bows and Pearls

  4. i know with the anthropologie stuff, they usually go on sale. even so, it's still pretty $$. however, sometimes they mark their items wayyyy down and i've found $10 and $20 dresses & skirts there before. it's possible!


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