April 07, 2011

ascap new york sessions

time for a "day in the life of an nyc singer-songwriter" post. i spent last thursday at the 92nd street y, listening to the experts talk about social media, writing process, and strategies for success.


going to events like this is a relief. because unlike any other typical day in new york, it's totally appropriate to turn to the random guy sitting to your left and introduce yourself, and they won't assume you're hitting on them.

i tried to sit somewhere different during every panel, to bump into new people. i met a lot of hip hop producers for some reason... i even met a composer in line at the dunkin' donuts across the street! he bought me a donut, and i gave him a business card.


the first panel of the day was by far, my favorite... social media for the musician. ACTUAL things you can do to help yourself win at the game of internetz.

this is the third-ish time i've heard ariel hyatt (all the way to the right) speak. she's a really good person to follow, even if you aren't a musician. she has so many tricks up her sleeve, and thinks of techniques and strategies you'd never even dream of.

bumped into fellow singer-songwriter craig greenberg at least five times, until finally we just decided it was fate telling us we needed to hang out all night at the afterparty. so we did. i tried to take pictures... but of course my point & shoot + a dark bar = horrendousness. instead, i'll just post this picture of a kitten.

Kitten Rescue
photo by eaghra

also, i met allie moss in the bathroom, of all places! i'd never actually met allie before, but she's a friend of friends, of friends, and guitarist for ingrid michaelson's band. then i totally invited myself along for coffee with her and her affable associate, whose name i unfortunately didn't get.


i managed to snag a seat up front at the music supervisor's panel (these are the people that can get your music into tv shows, movies, and commercials.) everyone swarmed the stage afterwards, practically throwing cd's at their feet. but the precious rock star/ supervisors were whisked away to the back, never to be seen again.

the last panel highlighted pop music producers sandy vee and the stargate duo. they've produced britney, katy perry, beyonce, rihanna, blah blah... this is them:


i guess it's cool to see the ones behind those hits... but i more enjoy speakers who can give young professionals actual clues as to how to get where they are.



  1. it looks like you had a very fun/productive time! :)

  2. it was a mixed bag. glad i went though :)


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