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chantilly luvs peeps

last week, i recieved a care package from my parents. my mom kept nervously calling about it, making sure i knew it was coming. she specified several times that it was very important matt and i open it together. what could it be??

the package arrived at my office. my coworker and i pondered about its contents. we rattled off ideas. shook the box, and tried to guess.

then i brought it home and found... this...


peeps. wooly willies (?!) gum balls. cheap little candies like smarties and airheads. NERF ARROWS AND TOY BASKETBALL HOOPS.

wtf is this?

"... wtf."

it was so random and amazing! nevermind that it's still a few weeks before easter, and they've never even sent me an easter care package before... i was sure this was going to be a serious and heartfelt gift. but nope!

this is classic, actually. one christmas i got a box of my mom's worn work pumps. why? "oh, i thought you could use a pair." i was really confused. it took me about 5 minutes before i realized there was a gift certificate to another store taped to the top inside of the box.

easter presents

we shot the little arrows around the room (much to the cats' delight) and fell into a sugar stupor with bunny ears on.

yay for quirky parents and their silly/ fun ideas!

blue bun ears


  1. hehe awww :D that is such a cute package and you got such nifty stuffs. :D love those bunny ears especially!

  2. Ah you lucky you! That's the sweetest thing ever! No pun intended.

  3. haha, i know we're still in sugar shock! xo

  4. That is an incredible care package! Looks like it was a blast (and kudos to your mom for tricking you like that).

  5. haha! Great package, very funny!
    You have a lovely blog!

  6. Awesome package! I usually get $10 taped to a chocolate bunny. =) Oh! When will the store be back up? I can't wait to finally purchase Caught Light.

  7. LOL - my parents send me the most random gifts as well - I was laughing at the peeps, at least they are yum! :)

  8. yayy thank you for the comments everyone!! great to see some new faces :)

    dulcisxcruor- i was planning to do a big re-launch of the store when the new EP comes out, with new fun stuff to buy, etc. although i do realize that's a pretty long gap to be without one. i'm looking into options in the meantime!



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