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- i was a cheerleader from 6th to 12th grades. i loved it passionately, although i was mostly considered the "weird girl." i even ranked what colleges i wanted to attend based on the greatness of their cheerleading teams. (but ended up going to a "wierd" art school anyway, where i belonged :P)

- grew up in a beach town. around this time of year, you'd start to see cars trickle onto the roads with license plates from every state. how did they know about little old westerly, ri? those tourists, they'd find us somehow and who could blame them. waves and sun are so healing.

- my one true irrational fear is of vomiting. i'd rather stay sick all day long rather than just puke once and get it over with.

- i'm really, senselessly troubled by the word jeggings. even just typing that was awful. :shiver:

- i have 4 (FOUR) cats. i hated cats all my life until i moved to my first lonely apartment in brooklyn. then i met max at barc, a no-kill animal shelter in williamsburg, and never looked back :)

- i wear nighties and vintage slips to bed almost exclusively.

- i didn't learn to play guitar until i was in college. i've always been more of a singer and melody writer/ lyricist. i had to painstakingly learn each chord, and how to make my ideas into complete songs. i'm definitely able to perform live, and if i get in enough practice time, i'm actually excellent :) but it's taken years of trial and error, and feeling wildly uncomfortable with my instrumental abilities.

omg SLEEP.


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  2. Found ya through ftlob! Love your blog! and congrads on the award!

  3. no prob, chrissy x

    thanks & nice to meet you stephanie!


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