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gettin yer hurr did

of course i never have access to the good camera on completely momentous occasions such as this. so i discreetly took these with my trusty point-and-shoot in the corner of a lower east side starbucks.


there is something magical that happens when a girl gets a haircut for the first time in awhile. most things that were wrong before suddenly seem okay. there is an extra spring in her step. everybody notices her. the sky opens up and angels sing.

this time, i went as mullet-y as i dared. can you tell from these pictures? probably not. my hairdresser actually had to cut me off from requesting more layers!

so don't worry, it's not a real mullet. it's just hella long with hella layers. in other words, my dream hair...


in some ways, i think i might be channeling my mom... who is forever wedded to her amazing 80's hairstyle and proud of it! but it's probably not as severe as i think it is. when it's curly again, it'll just look normal, not stylized.

okay i'm going to stop writing this carrie bradshaw nonsense now and go to bed. goodnight moon! goodnight readers! may all your hairdo wishes come true. :snuggles:


  1. I love the new do! Its beautiful! And I definitely agree, there is just something so magical about getting your hair did. It can erase all the trials of the day and put a new bounce in your step!

    I hope you have a magical weekend, lovely!

  2. it's so cool that we both cut our hair at practically the same time :) hope you're enjoying your new style as well! xo

  3. Oh man, whenever I get a haircut I also feel wonderful! All of my troubles wash away with perfectly styled and cut hair. And then I can NEVER recreate how good it looked the next day. Bummer. Love your hair! xoxo

  4. exactly! i wish i could wield a blowdryer like anthony does...

    thanks girrl xo


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