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madras dream

without much further ado: here it is, my most favoritest dress in the world.


maeve called me an easter egg when she saw it, but i scoff.

it's the most perfect dress i own. it's feminine without being too fussy. retro without being costume-y. casual, colorful, and comfortable. it has an eye-catching print. not too long or too short. AND. it showcases my body in a flattering, yet non-hoochified way!

i'm just sad i only get to wear it during summer and spring :'(



dress- heritage 1981
cardigan- uniqlo
leggings- uniqlo
socks- we love colors
shoes- target
scarf- closeout store

outfit details

a note on the socks- i picked them up from we love colors, since i've heard such raves about that company through the blogosphere. i do like them! i got about 4 or 5 colors, and i LOVE the fact that there is such a variety.

my beef is that they are made of nylon so they're very slidy. i have one pair of loafers that i simply can't wear them with... while i'm walking, they slide alllll the way down until practically the whole sock is bunched up UNDERNEATH my foot. meh. other than that, thumbs up.


i feel like it's been a hectic few weeks. i'm aiming to get some rest tomorrow, but part of me is aching to get my heiney down to soho and stalk the hell out of these babies:

swedish hasbeens is doing a collaboration with h&m, and these beauties are part of the collection. this here pair will set you back only $60. (similar ones go for $200-$300.) the reds will be mine.

oh yes. she will be mine.


  1. *correction, my love -- i did not say egg -- i most certainly said a hottie easter bunny!

  2. guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that one :P but thank you!

    it occurs to me now that i should've put the bunny ears on to take these...



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