April 03, 2011

new blog design!

happy sundayyy.

something's different, you say? well either you're seeing things, or you've noticed the excellent new blog design done by annie of wattlebird. if you're viewing in a reader, i urge you to pop on over and see for yourself!

and if you find yourself in need of a new design for your blog, i can TOTALLY recommend annie. she's sweet, professional, and didn't even flinch at the zillion changes i asked for :P

you'll also notice there's a new link bar at the top of the blog. that's because i'm going to convert it into my official website soon. i already have one at chantillysongs.com. but there are many reasons why i want to switch- one of them being that most of my traffic comes to chantillysongs.blogspot for some reason. why confuse people? i just want one main place where we can all gather together :)


it figures. i'm so pumped about the new design, but updates this week might be sparse. i'm sick :( in fact, i had to cancel brunch with friends today because of the hellacious sore throat that i woke up with.

i'm just glad it happened today and not yesterday. saul and i got some KILLER vocals down!! although he is currently sick, and i may have gotten it from him...

but whatevs. vitamin c. sleep. good energy. i'll be better soon (hopefully.)

hope everyone had a nice weekend!



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  1. hope youre feeling better!

    new follower from the hop
    would love a follow back :)



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