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project update: kickstarter video...

"hey, wanted to apologize for judging your acting skills. i looked at the footage, and it's actually really good and can be used."
-text message from matt

we did more shooting for the kickstarter video on sunday. for this portion, i talked directly to the camera to explain the project, what kickstarter is, and why one would want to support me.

i was nervous and stressed out that day. and you *cannot* look stressed when you are shooting a video essentially asking for assistance in financial matters.

matt concentrated on the task at hand with a pinched look on his face and monotone directions which did not help inspire- "look at the camera." "do it again." "get to the point." he's actually a real sport for wanting to put this together for me, and i'm so grateful for his help...

but ugh.

fortunately, towards the end, it started flowing smoother. and according to matt's text, it didn't turn out as bad as we thought :) i reviewed the footage as well... i'm still trying to get used to the sight of myself on camera. i think it's going to turn out cute in the end, but there's still a LOT of work ahead of us.

SIGH. thinking about this has been taking up so much of my head space lately. i wish i had more time and things were easier. don't we all...

at least thelonious always makes things better :)


as do cupcakes...




  1. meow! so cute!!!! :D

  2. i so wish her and sailor jerry could meet!

  3. Your cat is adorable! And I agree cupcakes do make things better :) so


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