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scribble scrabble

here are some outfit pics with the new lens. i kinda kicked matt's ass a little about how much he spent on it. but i've gotta say, the pics came out pretty decent...


i *really* love knee socks/ otk's. i wear them almost every day, just mostly not outside...

the problem isn't that i'm insecure. it's the rude men in my neighborhood, and all around nyc, who think it's okay to talk to women with no respect whatsoever. who leer as you're walking down the street, minding you own business. like you're putting on a special lingerie show just for them.

sometimes it can be kinda comical ("i love a woman in RED!!") other times, it leaves me with quite a slimy feeling. like i wanna punch the guy and throw up on him simultaneously.

admittedly it happens even when i'm not dressed in a "provocative" manner. but i feel extra exposed if i'm wearing a "sexy" outfit- and some people consider knee socks sexy. it makes me sad that i'm not able to express myself fully in my clothing choices, for fear of feeling threatened :(

but i decided i'm going to start getting braver and don them on my walks and journeys beyond the apartment... starting with this outfit that i wore to shop for groceries in!

eff the haters.






allihop jumper - ebay
anthropologie scribbled bouquet cardi
anthropologie poms & trinkets necklace
sock dreams cotton slouch socks
target platforms



  1. i love your socks!! the cardi is so cute too!

  2. Your outfit is so cool! And I've only been cat called by a rude girl in a parking lot, but hey. My wife and I drive everywhere.

    I feel super odd going into stores and try to find female cashiers because I often wear tank tops and the like and I've been blessed in the chest department. But oh well. I've got a wife, I'm loyal, eff the weirdos!

  3. thanks donna~ i'm not sure if sockdreams delivers to australia... but you should check them out, because for some reason i think you'd be in love :D

    angie~ i'm not sure where you're from, but when i lived in rhode island, it almost never happened. and when it did i was actually glad to get the attention! :shame: i feel so much more comfortable and free with my body when i'm visiting home.

    i think it's really specific to urban environments and certain cultures, honestly. and of course, it's not even really about praising "sexy women," than it is asserting dominance and control over them.

    ...sorry. tirade :P you can tell i'm passionate about this issue. anyway, i'm glad you don't have to go through what we do here. go on girl, shake them assets 'till they break!! xo

  4. oooo lovin' that outfit :D so cute!

  5. I gave you a blog award! Check it out here...

    have a great day!

  6. thanks for linking up! you didn't exactly follow the rules, but it was still fun to check out your post ;)


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