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lazy days...

on friday, we layed down some sweet harmonies for the EP at saul's place...

saturday was a (relaxing but) dull, do-nothing day...

by the time sunday rolled around, i was feeling antsy. so even though it was cold and rainy, i made the 20-minute treck to bedford avenue in williamsburg to walk around amongst the pretty people.

some arbitrary photos followed...

necklaces being sold on the street

grabbing a bite at bagelsmith, looking out the window...

it's nice to have some alone time. i find it to be completely regenerating and healing. of course, one of my favorite places to do so is cafes.


nothing makes me happier than iced coffee, and a time and place to write and people-watch.

i found a nice new espresso bar on bedford ave., on my way to beacon's closet. i love observing all the artsy people, yuppies, and poseurs alike. they drift in and drift out, cosuming their coffee and sweets over a quiet book or conversation.

i gawk for awhile, then busily get back to writing in my journal... hovering protectively over it like someone will actually care...

(i made this journal myself!!)

and, this concludes how i love to spend a day off if i can get a chance. moody afternoons in coffee shops are always time well spent for me.

off topic, but does anyone out there watch game of thrones?

it's a new show we've been getting into and i've become addicted! i love me shows with the imperfect, morally-grey characters, and there are plenty to go around here.

tyrion lannister is a favorite so far :) what with his snappy one-liners and love of whores. daenerys is also turning out to be FRIGGING AWESOME. anxious to see more :)


  1. I love to have some alone time, too! And cafes are my favorite places to go to. I hate Starbucks or coffee stores that are chains, though ... It's hard to find store that are not chains here :(; I miss that so much about Argentina.

    Hope you have a great week! ;)


  2. Nice photos and writing. I could feel that you had nice relaxing day off :)

  3. Lovely photos! I always love alone time to grab a coffee and relax... it's just a necessity sometimes! :)

  4. Hello! Thanks for the comment - growing up in small towns without paved streets you have to learn to walk with heels on all types of terrain! The picture were taken on a path that leads from the backyard to the road so it isn't as treacherous as it looks :)

  5. I'm with ya on the iced coffee! It's the best on a summer day mmmmmm yum.

  6. Oh, coffee and people watching are my favorite things too!!! Especially in NYC! I'm Jealous. haha

  7. yay, so many that share my love of coffee and solitude! i wish you all lived here so we could go on a tea date :)

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  9. I gotta say, Chan, your photos are awesome :)


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