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a new look

i actually liked my glasses when i first got them in second grade.

my teacher noticed i had a problem seeing the chalk board, even when i was moved to the front row. that was it for me.

i got frosty pink frames, and they were the COOLEST. i remember even as a 7-year-old, thinking that it was just one more way i could express myself and be unique! i got them on a friday, and i could barely wait through the weekend to show them off to everyone in school.

well, it didn't take me long after that to figure out that having glasses was not cool. it was, in fact, nerdy and meant that no boys would ever like me. because even though i was just coming out of the boys-are-icky phase, i was old enough to be susceptible to all the cultural messages that told me yeah... having boys like me was pretty important.

i'll never forget the day my brother's best friend, wayne, was waxing poetic about "the prettiest girl in school" marissa. he wouldn't shut up about it! for some reason i was interested in how i might compare to this girl... so i said something to the effect of "what about me? am i cute?!" he said something to the effect of "... you're alright. nothing to DIE over."

from that day on, i just knew. i wasn't one of the pretty girls. it was totally cool though, i had other good traits to go on. like my uh... uniqueness. and um... my good heart?

there were a few sad years where i felt ashamed of my perceived ugliness. but then in sixth grade i got contact lenses, and it was kinda all good again. yada, yada we all have stories like this. what got me thinking about it all was the fact that i've been thinking about getting a pair of new glasses.

i see other girls pull off glasses with such style... hello keiko lynn and elizabeth! however, i still remain unsure of my ability to do so. i still always kinda feel like that nerdy girl :(

still. the fact remains. i need some new ones. the last time i got a pair was 2006. yup. so when i saw louise over at coffee and a cardigan make a post about warby parker, i knew i had to try it out.

the deal: they will ship you five vintagey frames of your choice to try on FOR FREE (you of course must ship them back in a timely manner.) because of my sucky eye prescription, it would cost me $130 buckaroos. but for people with normal eyes, it would be $95. that includes lenses AND frames.

first pair: miles



second pair: webb


i am clearly uncomfortable trying these on, and feel totally geeky.

third pair: sinclair

yeaahhhh, what's my name?!!

you can see, i'm starting to ease into it a bit more, and i like these frames a little better than the previous two :)

fourth pair: tenley.


fave so far. the head scarf doesn't hurt.


and last but not least, the huxleys.


they seem a little over-the -top for me, but are they?? not sure if i could pull it off in real life.

i'm flummoxed, friends! i don't want to choose any pair, but i think i'm leaning towards tenley or sinclair.

what do you think??


  1. Oh, I totally understand how you must have felt then! I was one of those girls, too ... And I didn't get contacts until 2 months ago, hehe. I only wore them for a month because I got something in my eye, but will wear them again soon. I love my new glasses, though.

    And I totally vote for the Leneys! Was that the name? Hehe, I think so. Go for them! ;)

    And have a great weekend!


  2. I LOVE the last pair - they look awesome on you! BUt, I think they are all pretty and you look gorgeous!!!

  3. i wear contacts too.. i used to absolutely hate wearing glasses in school for the same reasons! Even now i prefer contacts,i wear glasses now but its only frameless glasses coz they are less conspicuous.. You know.. u cant really see am wearing them from a distance..!!!

    All look awesome on u.. am sure u can carry it off in style! :)

  4. i love the fourth pair. pretty :)

  5. thank you girls for all your sweet comments and observations. i'm glad that there's other people who can relate to being the nerdy girl :) i might deliberate on it a bit further, but i do like the tenleys...


  6. I quite like the fourth pair.

  7. I totally understand you!
    But, i always wanted to use glasses because i think they add a lot of style. Compare yourself to another pretty girl or a great blogger isn't really healthy :D
    So wear those glasses with pride 8)

    btw, i'm your new follower

  8. I LOVE being the nerdy fashion geek and can totally relate to your story. Go with what makes you feel good.

  9. fatal fille- totally. i don't mean to compare myself... it does nothing constructive whatsoever. it's something we all do from time to time. i try to get out of the habit :)

    ingrid- i had an emo phase for a couple years where i too, LOVED wearing nerdy glasses. guess i left that part of the story out :P

    anywayss, thank you for your input :)

  10. Anonymous6/10/2011

    Tenley and Huxley look great on you.

    I wear glasses too and right now I'm rocking a red vintage pair!

    Thinking of moving on though to something more ubercool!


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