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no slouch

it's been a bit of a busy weekend. besides getting lots of tasks crossed off my to-do list, i spent most of my time preparing for a special performance :) i was asked some months back to play at an acquaintance's wedding... *during* the ceremony. i was a little nervewracked about it, so i practiced extra hard.

it was an awesome location and beautiful day. when it came to do my part, i understood that my performance would be during a specific ritual they wanted to incorporate into the ceremony. but before i knew it, that was over and the priest was was pronouncing them man & wife while i was still in the middle of the song!

i had no idea if this is what they wanted. but we all played it off well, and from what i could tell they were happy.

i wish them so much luck!

so yes, things have been a little chaotic, and outfit photos have been on the back burner. but i managed to sneak in these!


anthropologie doolin cardigan
dress handed down from my grandmother
long necklace- closeout store
short necklace- anthropologie
sock dreams cotton slouch socks
loafers- thrifted

i've been going mainly for the fitted look lately. but when this slouchy grandpa cardigan went on sale recently, i decided i needed it. i had one almost exactly like it a few years ago that i dearly miss. it is so comfortable and perfect for all those weekends i'll (hopefully) be spending at the beach in rhode island this summer :P

looking back, i'd choose to wear it with a less flowy dress/ skirt next time. but i do dig the overall vibe of comfort i'm striving for here :)


outfit detail



  1. love that cardigan! also, now i want to stock up on more oxfords/loafers...

  2. Glad the performance went well :)

  3. thank you maevey gravy. <3<3 xoxoxo

    i'm sure glad it went well too
    :wipes sweat off brow:

  4. ive been looking for a cardigan like that everywhere!

  5. dude!

    there's still some left.

    it runs huge, so xs would be fine on you. i'm wearing a small in these pictures.

  6. Anonymous5/08/2011

    Love your sweater! Don't you just love Anthropologie??

    Come visit me at!

  7. I love this! Too sweet x


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