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an oopsie and a goodie!

last weekend, i went off to rhode island to visit some family, partly to celebrate me and my brother's birthdays jointly (we're a month apart.)

this of course was a prime opportunity to get some great photos of different scenery, document travels, birthday cake, happenings, etc. so i took the camera along for the ride. i was really looking forward to documenting some outfits in this exotic locale, as well.

the first night, i settled into my favorite guest room with the down comforter and tea, and recieved a phone call from matt...

the camera battery. i had forgotten to take it out of its charger.

the next day, he FEDEXED it to me. except the fedex package never came. the tracking number indicates that it never even left nyc.

soooo i was planning to have all these really fancy and pretty photos of travels and fun for you, but i got nothin'. just the sweet everlasting memories of chaotic family dinners, a warm bed, endless chocolate cake, and of course love :)

but i do have SOMETHING for you! i sure do. i'm hosting two giveaways of my last cd this month... one at after nine to five, and one at scenic glory.

cd & tote

in case you are new to me/ my music, and were wondering just what i'm talking about- hi! i'm chantilly. i wear outfits, but i also make music.

a metric ton of effort went into making this cd, despite the fact that it just looks like a tiny little inoffensive thing. it took two years and more than a dozen people's help. it is professionally produced, mastered, and pressed just like anything you might hear on the radio or buy in a record store.

here, listen:

if you make handmade items, i know you can especially appreciate this. it is my art. and it is the ultimate handmade (heart-made) item.

i am recording a brand new cd right now that i am also very proud of. but this one is still here, just waiting to be plucked up by two lucky girls or boys! if you have a second, i'd love if you'd hop over to one or both of the blogs and enter right now. you'd have a very good chance of winning :)

hope everyone is having a wonderful day :) how was everyone's memorial day weekend??



  1. Wow! I love your music and good luck with your new CD. That's sooo exciting.. !
    I just followed your blog via goole, please follow mine if you like it. Thank youu :)

  2. thank you akiko!


  3. I'm a new follower! :) Can't wait to get to know you better!


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