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phew! that was a rather long time to go without making a post. it's mostly because i've been pretty busy... ya know... living life :)

on friday saul & i were finishing up main vocals for the ep & did some harmonies. we're heading into the main stretch! (unbelievable.)

then on saturday i had my first bonafide day off, i'd say in a couple months...

i'm going let my guard down (again) and tell you something personal.

something happens to me when i don't get alone time. my insides start screaming at me as i'm heading off to work or wherever- "please don't go. STAY HOME and take care of yourself." the brain becomes all runched up inside. things start to bother me and trip me up, but i have no time to figure out what they are or how to fix them. then the negative whispers start, and at that point i start to become someone i don't even recognize.

i don't subscribe to any particular "god" belief. but to remain sane, i've found that i do need time for spiritual and self reflection. if i don't get it, the above happens- repeat, repeat, repeat.

so anyway, saturday was such a day :) it's crazy because even when you have the prized do-nothing day in the palm of your hands, you still get the urge to continue doing work!

but i ignored that urge. instead, i went out to bedford ave in williamsburg to just walk around and be by myself. to sip green iced tea, write in my journal, and watch the people go by. it was lovely and exactly what i needed.

today is not a big picture-post day. i just wanted to let you in on what i've been up to. more adventures (with pictures!) coming up very soon.



  1. hi!look forward to seeing your posts with photos!
    i love this photo of you& the outfit you wear is so cute!!

    kisses <3

  2. Alone time is always good, as is taking time out to just live life... : )

  3. absoloutely. it's totally necessary for me.


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