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screwdriver orange

this post has been brought to you by vodka. screwdrivers in particular. because that is what i drink on sundays at brunch :P


edme & etsyllte dress- ebay
cardi- uniqlo
scarf- urban outfitters
sandals- frye via ebay
lips- russian red by mac

i wish i could go out and shoot pictures like this more often. i mean i live in brooklyn, fer chrissake! it should be a cakewalk to come up with new interesting backgrounds for shots all the time.

but of course, it's never that simple. i feel like if i set up shop on some corner with the camera and tripod, someone could easily walk away with it when my back is turned. you really need a partner in crime to pull it off.

the old bookshelves will have to do for most of the time... but not for now!


anywayz, i basically stole this dress on ebay for like $10. through careful analyzation of my wardrobe habits in the past few months, i've slowly ascertained that my preferred style is a cross between lazy weekend hipster girl, and vintage-y indie sexpot. this dress and scarf somehow together achieve a weird and awesome embodiment of this look, that of course i'm declaring my new favorite.

plus the colors!! did you see the colors? i know you didn't miss those...





  1. You look absolutely gorgeous!!! xxx

  2. Great dress!!!!!!!! x

  3. Cool outfit! Awesome voice + cool style, I think I'll have to follow you :).


  4. you look so cute with this outfit :)

  5. thanks girrlls!

    i believe there were some comments on this entry that have gone missing because of the great blogger blackout that happened on thursday. sorry if it was one of yours! i was going to respond, but didn't get to it before that happened...

  6. Hi There! I just read your message in the IFBnetwork and came to check out you blog :)

    Following you from Portugal* Big Kiss*

  7. wayy cute dress. I love your term 'vintage-y indie sexpot' hah! :)

  8. haha, perhaps i coined a new term?

  9. such a CUTE OUTFIT. and your lovely smile in all the photos definitely make the best accessory!


  10. You look adorable! Love the look- it says relaxed and cheerful. P.S. Love the covers that you do!


  11. awesome, thanks for the love sunny & sabrina :) xoxo

  12. Anonymous6/10/2011

    Hi! Just found you through the Independent Fashion Bloggers community. Love you style! So colourfull and happy! Like this. And can't believe you are taking these pics on your own.. waou am seriously impressed. well done!

    I am kinda new to the blogging community. I am French and live between Milan, Paris & London.. which is sort of cool. Just started a blog and am full of hopefully exciting ideas. So feel free to come check it out and let me have your thoughts of experienced blogger ;) Kiss for now!


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