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sunday funday

the weekend saga continues...

after my saturday spent maxin & relaxin, it was nice to see some friends on sunday. especially since, as i mentioned before, i can get to feel so overwhelmed that it's hard to make time for social gatherings.

zach, jessica, matt & i all met for a late brunch at one of our usual haunts, life cafe.


(most photos by matt, some by me)

Picnik collage

eggs, toast, hash browns, etc.


the lip color is russian red by mac. every woman should own it. i totally forgot about this lipstick, and haven't worn it in years. i don't know what made me pull it out, but i'm sure glad i did. still smells new!

anyway after brunch, we were predictably pretty lit. when i requested that matt take some outfit photos, it turned into a friend-photo shoot... everybody wanted in on the action!

we found this cool graffiti background (they are literally everywhere you step in our neighborhood) and went at it.








after our drunken photo adventures, we then grabbed some more vodka at the liquor store. because we weren't ready to be done drinking yet!

we headed back to our apartment to continue the festivites. luckily, we have some decent views from our roof so we also spent a little time up there... although you have to be careful. if the door closes, it locks you up there. we learned this the hard way when we first moved into the apartment...

Picnik collage

but obviously we're all still here!

after everyone left, i had a headache and had to go to bed early but it was sooo worth it.

aannd... jess and i are going to a guided meditation tonight! i've been to this place a bunch of times by myself in the past, and am happy to finally have a friend to go with me.


full outfit details tomorrow (there were so many pictures, i didn't want to cram them all into one post.)



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