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part of the reason this entry is going to be so long is because of the nostalgia attached to the topic for me.

remember a mall chain back in the day called garden botanika? i sure do. when you would walk in the store there was a gigantic bar full of essential oils. you could custom blend them together to make your own lotions, hair products, perfumes, etc.

i had the almond perfume, but pineapple-coconut was my “signature scent”. i would wear it every day to school. one day, the weird boy i sat next to in typing class that i had an inexplicable crush on remarked, “hey are you wearing that mango guava thing again??” yes! he noticed me! i ended up taking that boy to jr. prom, we went on one “date,” and then he awkwardly avoided me for the rest of the year...

anyway, the point is, it was the one and only perfume i ever loved. ever. all other ones just smell like chemicals to me. even really expensive ones.

so imagine my surprise when i found out gb is actually still kicking around! they shut down physical stores years ago, and only sell online now. they offer .17 oz samples for $3/ each, so i decided to give ‘em a whirl. i ordered:

- pineapple
- coconut
- almond
- vanilla
and in an attempt to try something more “grownup”
- sandalwood
- desert musk


as you can see, i have a predilection for the fruity/ sweet. my mother chided me at the time “almond huh- so you want to smell like a cookie??” uh, YEAH! still do.

almond, pineapple, and coconut were just as lovely as i remember. and vanilla was a nice addition as well.

i thought i’d hate “desert musk,” but it was actually pretty gorgeous. unfortunately after wearing it for a whole day though, it started to bother me and i felt nauseous. i had to run to the bathroom and scrub it off at the guided meditation with jess.

all in all, i think pineapple-coco is still my fave. not really a fan of sandalwood... oh well, i tried.

good news: they’re uber long-lasting! (sandalwood stayed on even after i took a shower... although i didn't try very hard to scrub it off.) bad news: my spraying technique needs some work. with a lighter application, these would be a lot less overpowering for me.

conclusion: i’d NEVER write about perfume except for this store. for $3, you can get a non-stank perfume that smells amazing and lasts literally all day! ignore the fact that the brand also conjures recollections of comtempo casuals, orange julius, and hot topic.

they also have a 3 oz option for $30, but i’d rather go for several of the smaller ones and try different combinations. they’re just super girly girrl fun!

next up on the wish list:

egyptian musk

what kinds would you get?

ps, does anyone out there want the sandalwood?

i’ll have a mini-giveaway for it today, & send it out to a random reader who comments by 12pm est tonight :) just leave a comment on this entry, make sure you a follow me on GFC, and leave your email address!


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  2. I love scents like those, I usually get them in liquid form from this really cool store in Brooklyn and I let them simmer in my little potpourri simmer thingy over tea lights.

  3. Hi Chantilly! thanks for your comment. I'm not sure which one I would try because honestly I am kind of sensitive to perfumes... It might only be the synthetic ones so it's worth a shot. My mother in law loves perfume though so I am going to pass along your recommendation (or buy her some for her birthday...)
    Much love,

  4. Hey there!great blog dear,it's so cute!i am following u.follow back if u like!

  5. I would definitely go for the "fresher" and cleaner ones!! You're right, sometimes perfumes make you feel kinda nauseous and gross. Vanilla smells really good but after two hours I REALLY wanna throw up!!
    Fresh perfumes are THE best, can't go wrong with them!

  6. Who DOESN'T want to smell like a cookie!? What a gorgeous blog - love the pictures! Scents are so much fun to play around with too :D


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