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so yeaaaahhhh, sorryy if you subscribe to me via google reader and there was a post yesterday with a bunch of huuge images and nothing else :D that was me trying to create a new paragraph in this post by pushing the return key. guess my cursor was on the publish button. oops, lol.



luxe top- 3rd ward swap in brooklyn
scarf- thrifted
anthropologie field skirt
uniqlo leggings
boots- frye engineer


ukulele- first flight music in the east village

it occurred to me recently that i don't have many pictures of myself with my instrument. i used to think it was the ultimate rock cliche image- GIRL WITH GUITAR... like there aren't eleventy million other pictures in the world like it...

but my opinion on this has done a complete 180. my main influence in changing my mind is elizabeth from delightfully tacky. i LOVE when she posts pictures of her playing guitar. they are stylish and beautiful, and it made me see the whole matter in a different light!


you might notice that this is a ukulele and not a guitar. well it was handy, and easier to run back and forth with when you're doing self-timed photos :)

only problem is that i need to learn how to play the dang darn thing... i've had it for an embarrassingly long time, and should really should know by now. it's pretty easy too! just a matter of memorizing chord shapes.

sigh, someday. and until that day... i will ladypose the hell out of it.



  1. Love the skirt, and the boots!

  2. Also love your skirt girl I have follwed you I hope you would like to follow me. thank you

  3. I really like your outfit! That skirt's color is awesome! I'm trying to dare myself to wear skirts. I'm chubby so I'm never happy with what I see on the mirror :/.

    Hope you;re making cool plans for the weekend! ;)


  4. i appreciate the compliments girlsss!


    no one is ever completely comfortable in their body. and yes, i get insecure about mine too. women and girls especially are sent conflicting messages about it from the minute we're born, and we're pretty much predisposed to hate whatever we have.

    but seeing as we can't change our body types to fit whatever might be in style that season, it's time to decide that what you have is absolutely fine.

    so try not to continue the cycle of putting yourself down... there are so many different body types out there, and that's why the blog world is so awesome! i've found blogs about women who look amazing in whatever they wear, because they've found what works for them. their size doesn't even matter.

    + i personally think you would look ravishing in a skirt!

  5. Hey! I got your message on ifb :)

    Unfortunately, they haven't activated my account yet! They registered me but I'm still waiting for that email where they say I can log in and they approved my blog. How long did it take for you? Because it's been almost 24 hours already for me and I keep waiting! :P

    I love your style, I followed you!
    heres my blog:

  6. girl, you look great!! nice boots :) congrats on the ukulele, I want to learn to play too!

  7. New follower here! I love the contrasting colors of this look and the goldenrod skirt!

  8. thanks everyone!

    amie, i skimmed your comment and at first thought that you had complimented me on my "nice boobs." :P

    no reading comments before coffee for me....


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