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bff day!!!!

last week two beautiful blonde ladies came to visit me from mythical lands afar... austin tx and cold spring ny...

but actually, they were my roommies from college :) and much as i'd like to think otherwise, erin came from austin not just to see me, but to visit many of her friends in new york. we went to more places in one night than i thought ever possible, and had a totes splendiferous time.

coley hates the city, and i never get to see her because of it. maybe twice a year. so i was more than glad when her first stop off the metro north was to meet me at my place of work. she chattered my ear off as i finished up the day's tasks.

doesn't she look like a super-high powered business woman/ model in this picture?


when we left to meet erin, walking through the middle of midtown, we bumped into my friend chris and his girlfriend danielle. it was so random! to bump into another artsy friend on *34th* street, of all places.

turns out he manages a studio a couple blocks away from where i work. fyi- i've known chris since he was fifteen, and he did some mixing & things for my last album :) i haven't seen him in ages (coley did work on the album as well, but more in the visual vein than audial.)

chris & danielle

we walked across town to where erin was staying, her bff james's place, and we all decided to step out for some thai food. james totally crashed the lady-party, but he ordered us all some REALLY good fried calamari, so it was cool :)

in order: chantilly, coley, erin. erin smiles so radiantly, it hurts me. and coley is just... love :)
3 girls 2

i was not completely pleased with my massaman curry, but hey. not every place can be as great as my favorite delivery spot in brooklyn.


secrets dupleve

then we went to a super fun, balloon-filled gay bar and had a drink.
then we went to pinkberry to have some ice cream (below!)
then we went to lulu's bakery.
THEN when lulu's closed, we went to starbucks to finish our conversation.

QUESTION: do you live in nyc, and have you been to lulu's? i must say, it is pretty dope. not only are there cookies and cupcakes and the usual bakery fare... they have fresh made twinkies, snowballs, and yodels. i mean, RED VELVET TWINKIE. need i say more? i had the chocolate-covered twinkie myself, and i almost died.

pinkberry 2 duplave

frienz <3
3 girls



  1. Great photos of your superb day spent with the bffs! My heart breaks a little when I see NYC because I've yet to visit and I would just be over the moon to see a show there and of course close down the shop at LuLu's because...yum.
    Thanks for sharing your oh so fabulous day!

  2. I will have to make my way to this bakery since I am a cupcake fanatic =) And what camera is being used? I love the filters too <3

  3. LOVE IT!! Had so much Fun!! :)

  4. LoL! Ya have my crazy eye shot. Love it! (I didn't even know my eyes could look so crazed.)

    Love the photos. But now I have to come back and visit ya so we can do tons more... but with like... time for makeup/dress up too. :}

    Chan- ya bring out the girly girrrl in me.

  5. Just wanted you to know that your blog is one of my favorites. You are hilarious. And awesome. And lots of other cool things.

  6. It looks like you had a lot of fun :)

  7. Yay for meeting friends we don't usually see! I miss my buddies from Argentina so much!

    I love the pics of you with your friends; you look adorable and happy!

    Have a fun, fun weekend! ;)


  8. beautiful photos, looks like you guys had so much fun.

  9. thanks everyone!!

    dulcis- i use a canon rebel (2ti?), and some sort of fancy lens...

    coley- sorry to use the shot with the crazy eyes! i thought we all looked cute though. talk soon about photo shoots & such. x

    amy- back at ya :P

  10. pinkberry is basically my life. it's so addictive!

  11. NYC looks so fun! I would love to visit it. Maybe I'll even have the money to live there someday. It seems like a very creative, artistic place where inspiration lies behind every corner. Maybe I'm over-romanticising it, but it really does seem like a fabulous place! ;)


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