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hand me that gibson, thx!

chan guitars

so continuing in the theme of posting pictures of myself with instruments, i decided to share these.

you see, tomorrow is my birthday. to celebrate, we had originally planned to go strawberry picking on long island saturday. however, there was a minor snag involving a missing zipcar card. so we quickly switched plans, and decided to go look at guitars instead.

chan guitars

i know, i know it's guitar center. so uncool. but i've been itching to get a new guitar, and we wanted to look at a good range of stuff.

right now i have a 1960's gibson 3/4 size that i use :) it's pretty sweet. everywhere i bring it, it never fails to get a compliment. the problem is i dropped it a couple years ago, and it got cracked REAL bad. it wasn't even a "crack" so much as "omg, the entire back is almost coming off." ooops. even though it got repaired, i just don't think it's been the same since.

plus it just doesn't play as nicely as i'd like it to.

chan martin

now HERE is a guitar that plays *very* nicely. i'd been drooling over this gorgeous-sounding martin at saul's place for like, ever. it's the guitar that we decided was most appropriate to appear on my recordings... a pleasure to play, really. so i tried out a couple at guitar center.

such beautiful instruments.

chantilly gibson

unfortunately for me, i also kind of fell in love with this girl.

chan gibson 2

it's a gibson les paul, i think. not sure exactly when 'twas made. 60's? i'll probably go back this week to spend some more time with it, if it's still there.

chan gibson

i decided i'd eventually want an electric a few months back, while practicing with my bassist owen. i forgot my guitar or something, and he was like "here, try this instead." he put some dope distortion on it, and it was just like a motherfriggin' party in my lap. playing electric is SO MUCH FUNNN!!!!!

i know i need a new acoustic for gigs & such, but being able to expand my sound on an electric as well would be sooo bitchin'. pleeassse universe let me be able to afford both somehow!

you gave me such good advice on my glasses situation, so what do you guys think? should i get the sensible acoustic that i know i will use? or the frivilous electric that i might not use as often, but will have a LOT of fun with when i do?


chan gibson

more birthday pics & outfit deets to come this week!

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)

(pics by matt xo)


  1. happy almost birthday!!

  2. If you get an electro-acoustic then you can play it acoustic for gigs and stuff but you can plug it in to the adaptors and stuff to get the distortion - that's what I'd do anyway.

    Then again i'm a bassist - and I nearly dropped by bass yesterday when the screw that holds the strap on decided to unthread itself as I was playing in church eep!

  3. thank you alexandra!! xo

    han- interesting... but don't you think it would sound weird still, seeing as an acoustic is a hollow-bodied guitar? i don't think i've ever heard an acoustic with distortion on it... perhaps it could be awesome.

    you play bass?? cool!! i'm glad yours is okay!

  4. I always have this dilemma! recently I ended up getting a new electric guitar & hanging on to my old acoustic..But now I really want an Ovation hah
    I'd say get a really nice new acoustic, since you know you'll be using it a lot more. Do you have an electric guitar already?
    & happy early birthday!

  5. the last photo here is stunning :)

  6. i DON'T have an electric alreadyyyy!! i had a stupid one in college, but some jerk stole it. but yeah, i'll probably just be sensible and go with the sensible acoustic...

    why thank you melissa :D


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