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juicing 4 lyfe

hope everyone had a nice weekend :)

first off, i just want to say i had a BLAST at the northside festival on saturday!! it was such an honor to be able to play, and i met some really great new people. i will have a full report and pictures later on in the week. i'm in the midst of getting all that together for you...

in the meantime, i just wanted to share some thoughts on a random topic...

does anyone out there enjoy juicing their own fruits and veggies?? i was making some juice for myself the other day and thought it might be a good blog topic! my mom gave me a juicer a few years ago. she was all into juicing for health at the time, and i guess i followed suit.

my hard and fast rules of juicing:

- try to get a masticating (grinding) juicer. ones that use blades often produce so much heat while they're doing the job, they kill much of the beneficial enzymes your body needs. those enzymes are the whole point of juicing.
- you cannot juice bananas, strawberries, or blueberries (they just turn into mush- make a smoothie with these instead.)
- don't juice the seeds of fruits, or the leafy parts of non-leafy vegetables- such as the tops of carrots, the cores of apples, etc. they will be bitter and/ or toxic.
- try to drink the juice within a timely manner- an hour is best. the longer it sits out, the more of those enzymes die off, again defeating the point.

that's it!

oh, and they say not to make a pure fruit juice, as it contains too much sugar/ calories/ etc...


i usually make carrot-celery juice (sometimes with ginger!) even though carrots are a vegetable, they still have a lot of sugar. but i don't care. i'd rather have raw vegetables than not.

and i swear, if you get the organic carrots from trader joes or whole foods, it almost tastes like a sweet milk.


carrots celery

carrot juice


  1. Yay for a great weekend! ;) And, yes, I love making my own juice! My mom's tomato and carrot juice was my favorite one :p.

    Hope you're having a nice week!


  2. I usually only stick with berries for my juices - I might have to venture into the world of veggies, too! :)

    sorelle in style

  3. Anonymous6/21/2011

    Oh yeah.. and a little diet of carrot juice is just what we need to lighten up our skin in the summer!

    Can't wait to see the pics of the weekend. xx



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