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les expedition



dress- anthropologie high seas dress ($10!)
cardi- uniqlo
scarf- beacon's closet, brooklyn
bag- beacon's closet, brooklyn
necklace- etsy
shoes- camper via ebay
sunnies- f21

i started off saturday in tears. friends were flaking out, the day wasn't going according to plan, etc.

i really hate when you think a day/ situation is going one way, only to find out you're sooo wrong. not that i was particularly wrong in this... it's just one of the many reasons i'm starting to dislike celebrating birthdays as i get older (a whole other can of worms that i may address in another blog post.) your expactations are always: up here!!!!

they end up down here.

i was only down there for a second though. because after looking at guitars, i quickly fixed my poopy attitude and was feeling pretty ducky! we shuttled ourselves down to the lower east side to grab some brunch and ended up at pianos.

i hang out on the lower east side when i can, just to be around the music scene that i wish i had more time to be a part of. i want to go to shows every night and have endless amounts of time and money to kick around and play and get to know people.

but i don't. so for now, pianos during brunch time will suffice!

we had burgers and chicken fingers and i proceeded to get smashed on one and a half margaritas. the bartender actually spilled a margarita on me, and almost the camera! lol. luckily, the damage was minimal.

then we wandered around and took pictures of our fahbulous selves and the neighborhood.
chicken fingers at pianosbeer and margaritas at pianos pianos nyclower east side, nyc

part 3 of birthday festivities to come! stay tuned...


  1. What a cool place to visit! I'd love to have the chnace to go one day.

    I'm glad your birhtday got better. I totally understand the feeling.



  2. i hope you do get to nyc someday miki! we will totally go to pianos together :)

  3. I adore the colors in this outfit! And, gosh, I can't believe you snagged the dress for $10. What a find.

  4. loving the contrast of the bright red lips and the white shades.
    thank you for your cute comment on my blog darling ;)



  5. your dress is gorgeous :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. Absolutely amazing dress! Love everything about it!

  7. aw i love it! but seriously... THIS DRESS! AHHH! i die i die i die! i remember it in the Anthro store originally and i lusted after it so badly... just never could throw down the cash! congrats, you! xo ;)

  8. thanks kaelah!! it's one of my proudest scores... you can't even thrift a dress that cheap these days! i found it on the "last chance" rack during the dead of winter. but i was a pretty avid anthro stalker for a good couple of months... i've found lots of stuff from there in the $10-$30 range :)


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