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northside festival!!

chan northside fest
all photos taken by kenny yagual


as i said, i played the northside festival last weekend at goodbye blue monday, and had a most wonderful time. i will get to that right in a sec...

but before i do, did everyone notice the new header i made?? i'm finally starting to learn some photoshop skillz, and i think i'm lovin' it :) there might be more little design changes in the coming weeks, so don't mind as i tweak...

also, i would just like to take a moment and credit mellomint on deviant art for generously providing the textures i used.



chan drink northside


chan tune northside fest

i was nervous- i haven't played a show in months, and didn't get in as much practice time as i would've liked. i was anxious about who would come.

but when i got onstage, i noticed i'd accumulated the largest crowd of the night in the acoustic space, many of them lovely friends. and when i started singing, i was amazed at how completely engaged everyone was, and how they were hanging on my every word.

and when i stepped offstage, numerous people kept coming up to talk about my performance. not just in a "hey good job" type of way, but in a "WOW you're so totally awesome. holy crap, you made my night" kinda way. they didn't just like it, but enthusiastically so!

i've had performances where i'm playing to two drunks in a corner. i've performed for obnoxious, wasted crowds where literally NO ONE is listening. to the point where they don't even notice when i've ended a song. nights like those crush my spirit and make me never want to book a show again.

nights like this one here, however, are always magical and propel me to keep going :)

chan play northside fest

this is my friend tamar haviv and her guitarist greg smith! they played right after me, and have a a retro pop duo vibe. the songs are catchy, and their energy is so cute!

tamar northside fest

tamar is magical and sparkles when she sings...

tamar 2 northside fest

tamar chan

here, greg and i are admiring each other's guitars. he said he's always wanted a gibson, and i've been looking at martins. we were curious to switch.

chantilly and greg smith

chantilly and greg smith

the hour grew late very quickly, and my friend jess were the only ones of our group left at the end of the night. we shared a delicious coffee beer out on the patio, and finally headed home around 3:30am :)

splendid evening all around.


  1. Awe, cool! I'd love to see you live one day! :D

    And your new header rocks!

  2. Anonymous6/23/2011

    Wououou... so excited for you!! Too bad I could not be there but the pics help to get a feeling of what it must have been like.. And by the way, talking about music.. I happened to go to Bob Dylan concert last night..Will put pics and a report later on on my blog! Kiss and again, so happy for you... Keep on going tiger!!

  3. sounds like the concert was awesome! maybe i'll go on tour one day and see you girls :)


  4. That would be so nerve-wracking, especially if no one was listening! I'm glad this performance went better than some of your previous ones!

  5. looks like a fun place & a great time :) I need to check out your music!!


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