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the seedy sidewalks...

some pretty exciting news folks- saul & i finished recording harmonies for the ep on friday!! i think it'll just be one more session of making sure everything's in order, and then he can start mixing the songs!

i'm totally excited. don't i look it?

chantilly les 5

chantill les 3

shirt- urban outfitters
hat- urban outfitters
cardigan- thrifted
pants- uniqlo
book necklace- etsy
scarf- forever 21
boots- blowfish java photos- matt panton

ever since i started following other style blogs, almost every single one i come across raves about blowfish shoes. either they're wearing them, or hosting a giveaway, or just generally singing their praises. so when they had their memorial day sale a few weeks ago, i gave in and ordered the java boots... and i must say, they're worth the hype.

i can't exactly explain what it is about these shoes, but ever since i pulled them out of the box, i've been smitten. i just get a warm feeling in my heart and a dopey grin every time i look at them. must be luv!! i've also received a steady stream of compliments since i started wearing them, often from random strangers!

the only thing i'm worried about is how they will wear in the long run... as the nyc streets are not generally kind to most shoes, and i plan on donning these babies a lot. i'll keep you updated!

chantilly les

so yes, here we are once again traipsing around on the lower east side, followed by a movie- super 8 (wasn't impressed.)

we then met a kind stranger as we were looking at a menu outside of a restaurant. this man ended up buying matt & i drinks, and made me a flower from a napkin!! he carries rose oil and colored napkins in his pocket at all times, specifically so that he can make flowers for ladies.

to the mens out there- i hope you're taking notes.


then as the day was ending, and we happened upon a wine store that was giving away free vodka shots (??!), i couldn't resist taking more pictures as we passed this lovely heart graffiti...

chantilly heart



  1. i love the peep of color by your shoe! and what a great colored shirt!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. Awe, congrats!!! Can't wait to hear your new tunes ;).

    And I love your boots. I haven't bought shoes for sooo long! I really need to go shoe shopping, hehe.

    Have an amazing weekend!


  3. wow! i love those shoes on you! cutest ever!!

  4. love your outfit!the photos are very artistic!!

    kisses <3

  5. thank you girlssss!!


  6. Adorable hat and I love that long elegant scarf! =)

  7. Hi!

    I've just read your message from IFB... and I really love your blog!!!

    I'm from Madrid, Spain, and I just have to say that I really like your space... so chic and underground at the same time...

    I'm following you :)

    You can also see my blog and follow me if you want, because they're both a bit similar :-)



  9. So cute! I love graffiti, and your hat. The last photo is great!


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