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bbq week- summertime food

i may as well just go ahead and declare this whole week "bbq week" on my blog. seeing as matt's off in costa rica with the camera, and i won't be able to snap any new shots. i've got bunches of summer party pics that i haven't been able to post for various reasons...

so here's a few from our rooftop soiree a few weeks ago. and well, mostly, it's just pictures of the food we ate. because it was just that dang delish.

for instance, check out the pulled pork natalie made in the crock pot!

pulled pork

the pig's name was eddie. natalie bought eddie's shoulder from the union square farmer's market, and the farmer who sold it to her told her that he had a very happy life.

i also had a picture of the raw pork shoulder, but thought it a little macabre to post... seeing as we were on a first-name basis and all. although i hope it's not too macabre to say, eddie was fucking yum.

fresh fruit bowl.


limeade and rum...


if you are a fan of rum, you MUST try this.

it was so good that we tried to recreate it another day, without natalie's supervision. but we ruined it by putting way too much salt, even though the recipe's pretty easy: 1 big bottle tropicana simply limeade. 6-ish shots rum. salt to taste.


convo lilly

again, erin's radiant smile...


what are everyone's plans this weekend??



  1. The bowl that the fresh fruit is in is sooo cute! I need that bowl! That roof is just the perfect place for so many things...especially your photos!

  2. How fun to sit on the roof top! And that fruit look lovely!

  3. Looks like the perfect weekend! My Mum would love the limeade and rum drink too. I'd love to do something like this with my friends over the Summer. Great post. xxx

  4. How awesone! BBQ week! I do love a good BBQ and how it just brings people together.

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment, the shoes are sweet aren't they. xxx

  6. Yum, everything looks so delish! :D

  7. Anonymous7/12/2011

    wou.. so cool! I want more summer parties pics!!

  8. thank you everyone!! xo

  9. I love that you have BBQs on the roof! Only in the city, right? Lol. Out here in the West, we tend to think of BBQ-ing as a backyard event. I love that you have found a way to enjoy outdoor eating even in a place with no backyards! :)

    PS: the food looks amazing too! That fruit salad is making my mouth water.


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