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bbq week- tiki time

remember chris from this post? no? well he's awesome and he hosted the most chill bbq EVA last weekend.

grillmaster b.

chris fire

chris is just one of those people that the universe wants me to keep in touch with, for some reason. i can't tell you how many times i've bumped into him in the most random places. we were almost supposed to be roommmates last year.

but instead, he lives in an awesome apartment with his girlfriend and two other friends. complete with basement, and the most GORGEOUS backyard i've ever seen in an nyc apartment that costs less than $5,000. it was literally a dirt mound when they first moved in, but now there's grass, flowers, stone steps, and a garden!

we sat on blankets in that backyard, surrounded by tiki torch lights all night long, listening to bluegrass, talking with whoever happened to be next to us. everyone was friendly :)



now for the fun part: the party was called the "bushwick hat trick competition." a bushwick hat trick is as follows: swig of moonshine, followed by swig of whiskey, washed down with shitty beer o' choice (they had black label.) when i first heard this, my stomach and i flat out REFUSED to partake.

i ended up doing four....

but i did NOT take big gulps like some people.

i think kadie came out on top with 6 hat tricks by the end of the night, with chris's girlfriend danielle trailing slightly behind at 5. they were supposed to make a drunken game of thrones recap video for youtube (which i guess is a thing now.) i would LOVE to see how that turned out.

okay, time for me to stop sounding like a frat guy, with all the tales of OMG CRAZZY shots and getting tootally wasted, bro...




jeff chan


  1. Awe, you and your friends are so cool! ;)

    Good morning and have a FUN day! :D



  2. Those are great pictures and looks like you had fun!

  3. It sounds like you had a great time! I've never heard of that game but definitely think I would have passed (or passed out).

  4. What a fun night! I have to admit, I would be on the floor (not by choice) after one bushwick hat cheers to you! :p

  5. hahaha I love it how you and your stomach refused and you then proceeded to do 4. haha. I am the same way- my friend paul knows how I hate gin, and every time he asks me if I want some I always start off saying no and by the end of the night I have all of his drinks haha

  6. Love these photos! Looks like such a fun time.


  7. looks like a great way to spend a summer night!


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