July 03, 2011


i meant to make an outfit post today, but then i started writing about this and got carried away. regularly scheduled outfit post will happen tomorrow :)

so instead, i'll make a totally important announcement:

saul and i finished tracking for the e.p. on friday.

what this basically means is that we've recorded all necessary parts (guitars, drums, strings, vocals, etc.) to completion. and now the tracks will move to the mixing/ mastering phase.

i know this news should be followed by thousands!! of exclamation points!!!! and i should be talking about how happy! and excited! i am thay we are finally finished. but i'm not. rather, it makes me sad.

shock mount

we got together on friday for one last set of revisions. we were going through everything, and at one point, we just realized there was nothing left to be done. and we were both like "cool... well... guess that's it....."

i was feeling just dandy before that moment. but as soon as that moment happened, a hundred emotions ripped through me like a river. it was out of nowhere. i was honestly shocked and surprised.

no, i didn't cry. i held back the embarrassing tears until i made my hasty exit, where i knew could weep on the bus in peace.

teh musics

why? i dunno, emotions are complicated, okay?

for starters, i don't like endings. and i hate the thought that it's my responsibility alone to make it stand out in the sea of the 100,000 other albums per year that are released by indie artists- many of which have a label/ more clout/ or money behind them. plus, there is so much more i wanted to do in preparation for this, that just never got done.

guitar & chair

but i guess an ending only means there are new things to look forward to now. and everything else will get done in it's own due time. as a one-person operation, i can only do so much, and that's how it is. and it's okay.

i try to plot, plan, and scheme for the things that i want, and it never works out. i only ever find real peace in accepting what is before me.

so whatever happens, here i go! like it or not, i'm in phase II.

and what will be, will be.


  1. I think you wrote this beautifully. Endings, the end of a chapter, is always bittersweet. In your heart of hearts, you know that excitement is in the future, but endings are still challenging.


    ps: sorry for saying 'endings' so much.

  2. Oh, I hate endings, too, but very often, I get sad and scared about it way before the day comes because I know it's going to be painful. But then, after it happens, I realize it's actually cool because a new phase begins and that is always exciting! ;)

    Tight hugs and best luck in this new stage!!! :D

  3. this was a really lovely heartfelt post. thank you for sharing. the photos are charming as well.


  4. thank you for the support, everyone.


  5. You know, the cool thing about this internet era is that it doesn't matter necessarily if you've got money or clout. Anyone can put their art/music/craft out there and people can find it! In a world where people with no talent (ie: Rebecca Black) can become famous overnight, anything is possible.


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