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garden party


so right now, i'm currently on a greyhound bus with wifi!

i can hear that someone is listening to "rude boy" by rihanna on headphones behind me... the woman's child is singing along with the music. i've also been chatting with a dentist named arthur, and working on cover art ideas for the EP.

always an adventure.

so from my cramped seat, i give you these pics, which were taken in chris's backyard at his bbq.

chan outfit 3

even though i couldn't miss an opportunity to get some shots in his gorgeous yard, almost none of the pictures we took were useable. you know, due to the awkward nature of taking outfit pictures in front of a bunch of random people at a party...

but at least this one here turned out alright!

chan outfit

tank top- thrifted
shirt- urban outfitters
scarf- beacon's closet
pants- uniqlo
shoes- blowfish jeno boots




  1. Anonymous7/18/2011

    Cute outfit, love the scarf!


  2. Oh, you're online on a bus, so much fun! :)

    I totally understand how weird it can be to post in front of people ... boo! I do not feel comfortable at all when there's someone there. Thank you, tripod, for existing, hehe!

    Have a fun and colorful week, Chantilly! ;D

  3. love the mixing of plaids between your top and your scarf. i wish it were cool enough where i live to wear a scarf right now.

  4. I love that outfit, you look wonderful. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. Love this outfit, shoes are my fav!

  6. I love your awesome blowfish boots. They look like such a perfect fall/winter style. I also enjoy the scarf around your neck!

  7. Wow, a bus with wifi?? That's really cool! Now we can blog from public transportation. What will they come up with next? ;)


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