July 19, 2011

Sponsor spotlight

sponsor intro

this was my first foray into the world of "sponsors", and it's been a great experience :) time to shine some light on them! guest posts and a giveaway coming up very soon, courtesy of these pretties.

go check out their links and pages, as they are all amazing, beautiful women :)

Jen from Just Jen

Hello! I'm Jennifer from Just Jen. I'm a creative Oregonian girl who's trying to work her way into a creative career. My day job is rather boring, so I'm going back to school this fall to study graphic design! I love praising God, photography, and cuddling with my cat while watching X-Files. Come visit my blog and learn more about my creative inspirations!

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Stevie from Jewels for Hope


My name is Stevie Lynn, and I started blogging not too long ago to try and promote my mother's & my company, Jewels for Hope. We make handmade jewelry and donate to Hospice, The American Parkinson's Association, The Michael J Fox Parkinson's Research Foundation, and Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I love promoting our company and marketing it to local shops in our area. If I can only make an income doing that, it would be perfect ha ha!

I don't just promote Jewels for Hope there- You will also find me rambling on about nonsense and talking about my life. I'm a walking jinx most of the time so you'll be laughing! :) Thanks for reading!!! xoxo Stevie

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Miki from Miki's Scrapbook

Hi! I’m Miki, an Argentine girl who moved to California for love. I’m a dreamer, an incurable wallflower, a crazy cat lady, an indie music lover. I’m in a constant search for animal-patterned clothes and colorful objects. I enjoy leaving positive messages in public places for strangers to find and volunteering at the library. My blog is a place where I let my imagination flow as high as it’s willing to go. Welcome to my world! ;)


Hannah from GirltaristHan


Hey I'm Hannah, I also go by Han or Hannie - just to confuse you. I blog at The Scribbles of GirltaristHan. I guess it's my place for documenting the adventures I have and sharing my findings with the world. I post pictures, music videos and movie reviews. I live here in the UK with my hubby Chris. I love to hear from other bloggers so let me know if you swing past or drop me a Tweet (@girltaristhan). I've finally got round to it and my Etsy store (http://godsrockangel.etsy.com) opened it's doors this week - I've still got bits to add so be sure to keep an eye open.


Amie from Completely Unfinished


Hi there! I'm Amie. I'm a graphic/web designer from NY who's almost always working on some kind of creative project...hence the name Completely Unfinished. I love photography, design, diy, sewing, thrifting, music, and adventures. Let's be friends!




  1. Morning, Chantilly! :D Yay, I'm here! So cool! :P

    I'll check the other blogs out!

    Have a fun, colorful day!


  2. Me too!! I'm here as well :) I'd forgotten which picture I'd sent you so it was a surprise for me lol.

    Hope you are all well :)

  3. ah so stoked to be included!
    checking out the other ladies, woo! :)

    <3 Amie

  4. Oh how I love sponsor posts, it makes it easy for me to find new blogs to delve into! : )

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  6. They all look like amazing bloggers :)

    xxx London

    ps: you can still join our giveaway

  7. What lovely sponsors you do have ... {and a lovely blog to boot!}, can't wait to explore these new blogs and get to know these lovely ladies!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  8. Looks like there are many new blogs that I must check out! xx

  9. they are indeed, pretty wonderful ladies :)


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