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thrift therapy

to escape some annoyances, i took a short trip up to rhode island last weekend to clear my head. the very best thing that i love to do when i go there is thrift! the thrifting here in the city is pitiful, and i always love to score cheap finds when i'm home.

so let's have a look at what i found on my last trip...

first up were these gorgeous bowls.


i fell in love with the beautiful green color, and decided i couldn't leave them behind. the cashier told me these were depression era glass, and congratulated me on my find. there was actually a stack of about 13 serving plates that i grabbed as well, but i couldn't fit them in my bag to take home. $4.

here's a simple plaid shirt i picked up ($3)- a staple i've been meaning to find. and this cute little sweater ($4), which i can't wait to start wearing in the winter time!


i also couldn't believe it when i found this pair of bloomers!


i picked these up at a place called the owl barn. i wish i had the camera, because it is a thrifter's dream. cobwebs, warped floors, and packed to the gills with amazing vintage stuff. the shop keeper actually gave these to me for free, since she was an old friend of my mom's!

amazing pillow that looks handmade, but never used. $3


and last but not least, these metal cat wall hangings from the 70's! my parents picked them up a few weeks ago, and gifted me with them upon my arrival. so technically, *i* didn't thrift them. but they're pretty awesome, so i thought them worth a mention.


have you found anything amazing lately while thrifting??

and ps, my anklet and candle giveaway ends today, so make sure you've entered!!


  1. I love the bowls! They are so simple but they are beautiful...a fabulous good ol' classic type of find. I don't think I would've passed them up either and especially for $4! Your parents are great hunters...they found such a cute find for you!

  2. Anonymous7/28/2011

    These are great finds with great prices!! Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Anonymous7/28/2011

    Ooooh la la! Those are truly awesome finds! Those bloomers are so flippin' cute, hehe :) I miss thrifting- I haven't been in so long!

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Some great finds! Awesome bloomers and I love the cardi too. Also, this is a bit delayed but the graffiti background isn't Brooklyn, I wish it was! I'm from the south of England, a small town called Southsea :) x

  5. eeee those cat wall hangings! Glorious. :)

  6. I love thrifting here n the US! Unlike Buenos Aires, California has lots of real thirft stores where you can get amazing stuff for just a buck or two :).

    Amazing finds! I love the kitties! >*.*<

    Have a great day! ;D

  7. you would love chapel street bazaar in melbourne, i wish i could go thrifting with you!! :D

  8. Anonymous7/29/2011

    ah i love those bloomers!! nice score :)

  9. Such wonderful thrifting finds! I am loving the little bloomers. I very much want a pair. xx

  10. So cool! Where do you find these things? Antique shops? Garage sales? I am never quite sure what people mean when they say they go "thrifting". Looks like you found some really cool things though! :)

  11. I love thrift store shopping too! My favorite is the sweater on the right with the stripes :)

  12. Anonymous7/30/2011

    I love your post and blog so much!!!.))

    I need your help. I spend another survey but this time with another question.
    "Where do you prefer to shop? What is your favorite shopping center?"

  13. hehe it's funny you said that because I always get so jealous about the thrifting in the city!
    Everything is awesome...that pillow is my favorite!

  14. Well craps, I'm having all sorts of fits of thrifting jealousy and rage over here, haha:) I'm on vacation and haven't gone thrifting in weeks!!! I'm having withdrawal! Love the pillow and the bloomers, so awesome. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog too! Happy weekend! <3

  15. Fun stuff! I love those green dishes. They're beautiful. And the bloomers are way too stinkin' adorable!

  16. You found so many cool things! I love those bloomers so much. They'll be perfect underneath all sorts of dresses and perhaps even on their own! I've been meaning to find a plaid shirt too. It is indeed a staple that I've somehow managed to avert. That needs to be remedied soon!

  17. oh my god, i've had an AMAZING thrift summer. last week i got a dish that looks like this:

  18. what a score on the bloomers and pillow! this post makes me want to have a thrifting adventure right now.

    i'm in search of a fall blazer with elbow patches. wish me luck?


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