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colorful little presents

as i might have mentioned before, miki and i came up with the great idea to do a clothing swap. so within the last few weeks, we sent each other dresses, styled them differently, took pictures, and sent them back to each other.

however, i couldn't believe it when i recieved her package in the mail...


a testament to how thoughtful this girl is. not only did i find the dress she was lending me, there was also a bunch of other goodies, including these super cute heart ice trays!!

heart ice

i've already posted pics of the dress i sent her. so stay tuned for my rendition of miki's beautiful frock, and her take on the outfits as well :)

chan outfit 7

have a wonderful monday :)


  1. Wow! This is a such a cute idea!

  2. Do you swap dresses for keeps or like a temporary basis? I love the idea but my partner would need be to be able to wear the same size as me lol. (And then the conversion from US/UK sizing can be complicated lol)

    I've done T-shirt swaps before - I got a Scouts T-shirt from Australia which had some badges sewn on it and a black baby doll stylee t-shirt from the US and they both fit perfectly :)

  3. Anonymous8/22/2011

    No joke I was just telling a friend this weekend that I wanted heart shaped ice trays!


  4. Anonymous8/22/2011

    Aww, that is such a fun idea! She sounds like a real sweetie pie :) I'm excited to see your pretty dress!

  5. thanks gals :)

    han- the dresses aren't for keepsies- we sent them back to each other.

    ...i love the heart trays! i wanna put oj in them.

    ~miki is the sweetest!

  6. aw, such lovely presents. ♥

  7. that last pic is awesome :)


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