August 06, 2011

Guest Post: Amie from Completely Unfinished

Today I'm honored to have the fabulous miss Amie from Completely Unfinished guest posting! Her blog came on my radar a few months ago and I immediately loved it. She's such a lovely, fashionable musician (much like myself :) Enjoy...

Hello! I'm Amie and I blog at Completely Unfinished. First off, a big thank you to Chantilly for the opportunity to guest post! Chantilly posts so many lovely outfit photos, so I thought I would share one of my own. Here's what I wore a day over at the beach this past weekend:

Boardwalk outfit

My style mainly consists of cut up t-shirts, refashioned thrifted clothes, and funky patterns...some of the time. I love the feeling of adding more and more handmade items to my wardrobe, and those are the clothes I feel the best wearing! Since the weather was hot hot hot I just wanted to be girly and wear dresses and skirts.

Shirt: handmade
Skirt: handmade
Flip-flops: vans
Sunglasses: forever 21

Sitting on the Steps

This is strange for me; because I never, EVER wear flip-flops. I'm more of a sneakers/flats kinda girl. I only had a pair of converse and these sandals with me for the beach and who likes getting sand in their shoes? no one!

I stenciled this shirt back when I was in late middle school/early high school. I went through this phase where I made stencils and put them on almost every shirt I owned...especially band logos. For this, I took a photo of the artwork on a CD and made it into a stencil in Photoshop. Just recently I found this old shirt and cut the sleeves off...& bam a new tank top. I was super glad I found it because apparently I have no red shirts! Plus ten points to anyone who recognizes the image :]

That's one of the first skirts I made from scratch and it's probably my favorite. I got really inspired by rockabilly fashion...hence the poofiness & polka dots.

Balancing Act

While taking this photo some woman kept yelling, 'Do a nose dive! Do a nose dive!'

My boyfriend took these with my SLR camera, after giving him a one minute lesson on the light meter..he's a natural, huh? I only had to edit them a tiny bit :) I was really thankful for the gorgeous weather, too.

For more about me, hop on over to Completely Unfinished and say hi!


  1. thanks again, girl!! & also for the sweet words <3

  2. she is so cute! i love the skirt.. and that woman sounded nuts haha

  3. Really cute photos and I love your outfit too. I love the idea of stenciling designs onto clothes, I've never thought of that before. xxx

  4. Lovely pics! I particularly like the last one :). When I take photos of myself, I always look and feel awkward :/ ...

    Hope you both girls have an amazing week! ;)


  5. Cute post! I love up-cycling my old clothes and giving them new life. But I love finding other musician bloggers even more! Definitely two blogs I'll be following from now on.

  6. thanks for the comments girls! glad you enjoyed meeting amie.



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