August 19, 2011

indie inspirations ~ joy ike

it goes without saying, but i have more free time now that i'm without a dayjob. and i've vowed to start doing all the music-y type things i've been yearning to... such as go out and see more shows/ support the live music scene here in nyc.

so last friday i ventured out to see a singer-songwriter that i've been in touch with on-and-off over the internet- joy ike.

i started reading her music blog, grassrootsy, a few years ago, (if you're an indie musician, she has some *great* strategies for promotion!), and she's admired the graceful way i handle my email blasts (sign up for it in the right hand column of my blog!)

so when i learned she'd be playing a show at pianos, i was more than happy to go out and support her!

unfortunately the below pic was the best one i got of her performance (still haven't mastered the art of the low-light photo.)


however, this was her merch setup, which i thought was pretty profesh-looking...

merch setup

merch setup 2

we even went out to eat afterward with some of her friends. i got angrily yelled at by the manager for bringing in and eating outside food :P (what?! i was dying for a crepe...)

we talked shop a little bit, too. o the trials and tribulations of being an indie songwriter...

though truth be told, she's a lot more seasoned than i. she actually makes a full-time living touring and playing her original music through gigs in pittsburgh. (i gotta learn that trick.) i've never really been able to break through here in nyc, though we both agreed that this market is way tough.

joy chan 1
joy chan 2

anyway, you should toootally check out her music, blog and all that. she's completely talented and you'll be glad you did!

~joy's website
~joy's twitter




  1. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I love getting to know indie artists' work! ;) And the pics of the two of you are great! :D

  3. looks like you had so much fun!


  4. Beautiful pictures!! definitely checking out her blog

  5. i'm happy you all like her!!

  6. Lucky lady! How were you able to quit your dayjob? I'm trying to move towards that in the next year or two and would love some advice from somebody who's making it work. Thanks for the tip about grassrootsy, I'll be sure to check out her blog!


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