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mint green iced tea!

homemade iced tea.

that's all i really have to say, but i'll totally say more because it's the shizz. i've been meaning to make it all summer long, and my iced tea dreams finally came to fruition the other day. it's really simple and really worth it.

you don't have to, but i use my own herbs and spices to make tea. my brother works at an organic food co-op in maine, so he sends me stuff in bulk. for regular ole' hot tea, i usually make chamomile mixed with other various calming herbs.

for iced tea though, my fave is always mint green.

loose tea
loose tea 2

first off, you'll need a big tea ball.

or if you're using tea bags, you'll probably need about 8 of whatever kind you're making. i measured 8 cups out of my pitcher, so i figured i'd use about a teaspoon of tea herbs per cup.

so for me, it was 4 tsp of green tea, and 4 tsp of dried mint leaves. (i also threw in a few rose hips for some vitamin c.)

tea ball

next, just measure out your water, and boil in a big pot! hot tip: it's probably a good idea to throw in an extra cup, because some of the water will boil off.

when it gets to boiling, turn off the burner and throw in your tea ball for 5-10 minutes. or more, if you like your tea more flavorful/ bitter (i do.)

while it's still hot, add some sweetner if you so desire! i like honey.


now, it's time for a quinoa break...




after you're sufficiently full of quinoa, remove your tea ball and wait some more.

this next step is entirely optional, but it helps the tea cool off faster. i learned this little trick from around the way in brooklyn... you can empty the liquid into a wider container, so that there is more surface area. i used this casserole dish. feel free to put it in the fridge or freezer!

flat tea

after about 30 minutes - 1 hour (or 2-3 hours if you've chosen to leave it in the pot), your tea should be ready to drink. strain to get rid of the extra herbs that seeped through your tea ball and enjoy!

mint green tea


  1. Perfect summer drink. I make mine with the same flavors, except mine is sun tea.

  2. I have such an addiction to tea and this little recipe sounds amazing! I've always wanted to mix my own teas. I'm broke and without a co-op working brother to send me swag, so I'll probably have to resort to tea bags. At any rate, a few mint leaves and rose hips shouldn't be too hard to track down. =)

  3. Anonymous8/16/2011

    Wow, that is so cool! I have always wanted to try making tea, and this is a great recipe! I will have to start collecting some herbs, although I have a little mint plant, Minty, who might be perfect for this! Thanks a bunch!

  4. sun tea- i've got to try that!

    ali- the herbs can actually be a lot less expensive in the long run than tea bags :) i think you can find them online, and you don't have to buy in huge quantities!

    katie- minty sounds like s/he would be delicious. after all, fresher herbs are the best!

  5. I LOVE tea! Especially genmaicha :p. It's so cool that your borhter is surrounded by lots of cool herbs on a daily basis :).

    Have fun!

  6. Mmmmm I had a craving for iced tea last night!! This looks delicious! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I am really digging your music...its such a sweet sound. I will definitely be back on your blog checking out some more music!

  7. Thanks for the comment! This looks sooo yummy x


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