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the next phase

i try not get too personal on this blog, in order to preserve some sort of privacy. and i strive to keep things in the spirit of positivity. but despite my best efforts, maybe some have noticed i've been sorta grumpy lately. well i've decided to let you in on some of my real-life drama...

my hours at work have been steadily dwindling in the past few weeks, due to a lack of projects. finally, my boss informed me last week that i would only be required to come in one day a week from now on.

one day.

and of course, this is coming at a time when i have a great financial commitment in the release of my ep.

it's not that i ever cared for the job... in fact, for several reasons it's never been a healthy environment for me. so i'm trying to view this as a gift. a way of the universe pushing me forward, into the next phase of life, whatever that may be.

it's just that i dreamed of quitting when it was my choice to do so. when i was rising up on my own, not being tossed aside at someone else's whim. i guess the universe had plans of its own.

i know i have some options, so it's not like i'm totally face down in the mud. in the meantime, if anyone has suggestions of (legal) money-making activities, shout em out! i'll just be chillin' with my girl scout, here...


thank you for listening,


  1. Ugh. The instability of the work world is so unnerving. Sorry to hear work has dug it's heels in for you :( I don't know what your neighborhood is like but when I need extra money I pet sit. People will pay pretty good bucks for their furry children to be looked after. I've sold things on craigslist for extra cash too. Pet sitting has been the most profitable route for me though.
    PS - your girl scout is so adorable!
    I'm sure you'll be fine but I wish you loads of luck too!

  2. Anonymous8/02/2011

    Oh I am sorry to hear this. I understand what you said about wanting it to be your choice, but things happen for a reason even if you dont know what it is. I bet you are on to bigger and better things! Hang in there and everything will work out :)


  3. I'm sorry. The same thing happened to me last year, so that's when I decided to call a staffing agency. Less than a month later, I was in my new position. It's easier if you're looking for something part-time (which I was, because of my jewelry taking up a lot of time), but it can't hurt to try.

  4. Anonymous8/02/2011

    Sometimes it does us good to rant. I for one like to see rants on occassion, it reminds me that not everyone in blog world has perfect lives!! Stay positive and enjoy your down time. I'm sure Scout will love having you home.

  5. thank you so much for the support, ladies!

    paige- i'm signed up with a few agencies already... i actually kinda like temping! i've done it a lot in the past, and i like the freedom of choosing my schedule and being able to take time off if i need to.

    mommyblogger- totally. sometimes the people i admire just seem so super-human. i wanna be just like them, but i can't! i'm not perfect and neither are they. things aren't always what they look like :)

  6. Aw, that stinks. But maybe it's the universe's way of giving you that little push out of the bad work environment. I'm sure there will be amazing things to come for you! Good luck!

    For working/money making advice, I second the idea of a temp agency. And maybe send your details to the casual pool registers for universities or other places? They usually have stuff for people just doing basic admin and things. My partner searched for a job for ages and finally got a great contract through being in a casual pool, so it can be really good. Or maybe drop in applications to local cafes or other places where they might need someone to help for a few days a week?

  7. Oh, Chantilly, just give me your boss' address so I can kick his ass!!! >:(

    I'm very sorry about this and hope you find a great job soon ;).

    Tight hugs!

  8. so sorry that happened... hang in there, these things sometimes have a magical way of turning out to be a fantastic door opened. and i know this is totally beside the point, but i'm in love with the blanket in your last picture!

    glad to have found your blog, now happily following along :)


  9. ah yes, the blanket is one of my proudest thrift finds ($3!!) it receives a lot of compliments :)

    thank you for your encouraging words... i like your blog too!


  10. I understand this more than you know! I was excessively unhappy at my old job, but I wanted to leave on my terms and not when someone wanted me gone. But, I've found so many things that I forgot I loved because I got so consumed with the negativity of my work environment. Good luck!!

  11. I have no financial advice (other than throwing a concert/jam session/party to raise funds).

    I just wanted to remark how that read as "I'm hanging with my girlscout." awwwwww.....

  12. thank you for your wise words, prajaline.

    coley, i noticed that too! which is why her new name is girlscout. x


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