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special visit, special friends :)

i have an old and dear friend named corey.

we used to go to punk shows together, have parties, do naughty/ silly things. she dyed her hair green and blue, and stuck safety pins through her nose. i put blood-red stripes in mine, and got a labret piercing. but corey's all growed up now with a family, stable job, and a mortgage. we still keep in touch.

when dear friend corey said she wanted to come visit with her cute little fam a few weeks ago, of course i was thrilled to see them! they made a short stop on their vacation specifically to come see us. it was nice to say hello to old friends and new additions :)

i miss these guys, and i just wanted to share a couple of the moments. roxy is so lovely, these are some baby pictures i honestly delight in looking at :)

say hello to corey and her daughter, roxy.

corey roxy

roxy and max

roxy max

steve- baby dady/ corey's husband. they're a musical family. corey teaches music full time at a high school, and steve has gigs in cover bands and teaches lessons. i won't be surprised to hear when little roxy one day takes up guitar or piano :)


playing with my necklace. almost makes me want one of the little buggers... almost.

chan roxy

awwww :)



  1. Roxy is a sweetie :) Guitar is so much cooler than the piano lol. Then again any musical instrument is cool :)

  2. What a sweet little family! That little cutie is definitely a future musician with parents that cool.

  3. Anonymous8/11/2011

    Aww! She's so precious! How awesome you got to catch up with an old friends. They seem like such a sweet and talented family!

  4. Aww so awesome that you guys are friends for life! Lovely post and beautiful pictures xx

  5. ooh roxy is so sweet!
    its lovely when you get to have a good catch up with old friends. wonderful memories come back. :D

  6. Hello, girls! You all look adorable!

    And I totally want to see pic of those days when you girls did crazy stuff to your hair! ;)



  7. Roxy is SO PRECIOUS! I love kids, seriously, it's getting out of hand. She is toooo cute! love that they're a musical fambam<3 Anisa


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