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a few things.

first off, i hope everyone on the east coast survived/ is surviving the hurricane. it ended up barely grazing nyc... it was basically thunderstorm irene in my neighborhood, but a few places actually did get flooded. like lower manhattan, and at least one basement-apartment-dwelling facebook friend.

secondly, has anyone noticed my new site design?? i was bored yesterday, cooped up and waiting for the big storm. the old design was feeling stale and grating on my nerves, so i redid the whole thing. i'm actually quite pleased with my work, and really love it!! if you're in a reader and have a sec, hop on over and check it.

lastly, have you entered my latest giveaway yet? i'd love to have a few more entries in there, and it ends tomorrow!

also, i just wanted to say i've got some great posts planned for this week, including a shop-my-closet type of clothing sale.... so stay tuned, and enjoy the rest of your sunday :)



  1. so glad to hear you "weathered the storm"... hahahaha... bad pun, sorry. i love the way your blog sits to the left leaving room on the right for the pale blue. just lovely.


  2. Anonymous8/28/2011

    I love your new design!!


  3. great design lady. glad your okay. not too bad here in brooklyn where i live either.

  4. Digging the new layout, especially the top banner. The storm wasn't too bad over in my area either, but I know a bunch of people (including my parents) had some flooding. Cheers to escaping Irene without damage!

  5. I'm glad to know you're fine over there! ;)

    And yes, I love you new header! :D And, shopping your closet ... mmm ... sounds good! :P

    Have a fab week!


  6. Anonymous8/29/2011

    I'm glad you are safe! It was super scary here but no major damage. I hope those in the harder-hit areas can recover quickly.

    I really, really love your new design! It is so cute and unique!

  7. the blog layout is looking good! the header is so cute :]

    glad the storm wasn't bad by you..we didn't get much either!!


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