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this past weekend has been super lazy. well, actually suppose i was somewhat productive. but i spent just as much time doing stuff as i did in bed, finishing up george r.r. martin's clash of kings.

the series is disturbing, but addictive. it really highlights the cruelty of humanity, and even the heroes can be villains, and vice versa. but the story is fantastic, and keeps me going. not for the tender-hearted (which i unfortunately am.)


these pictures are not from this weekend. they are actually from two weekends ago...

chan outfit

a bunch of us went upstate, to relax and drink wine on lake george. friend road trips are the best! i need more of them in my life. i think the world would be a better place if we all did.

we meant to take way more pictures, but were having such a nice time, we forgot. however, i couldn't miss a chance to do photos among the pretty gardens in matt's parents yard and deck :)

chan outfit 4

a little 1950's housewife?

chan outfit 6

sweater- uniqlo
shirt- f21
scarf- beacon's
shorts- urban outfitters
loafers- thrifted

chan forest

how was your weekend?

chan outfit 5


  1. The pictures are super fab!!! LOVE THE FIRST TWO!!!

  2. Cute outfit! I drove past Lake George last weekend on our trip to Lake Placid.. I hope the weather was as gorgeous for you as it was for us! PS: Love the outfit.

  3. Awe, I love the third pic! :D And lazy weekends rock! ;)

    Have a fab week!


  4. Lovely photos, and thanks for commenting on my blog!

  5. You look really lovely, I love the scarf! :-) Your blog is super pretty too.


  6. Aha so wonderful!! Also hello Brooklyn buddy!! I moved there a month ago, but had to come back down to TX. I'll be back soon though! Brooklyn is a great place to live.

    thanks for the comment too!! C:C:C:

  7. oh really- where in brooklyn did you live, anastasia? when are you coming back?

    thanks everyone!! xx

  8. Anonymous8/19/2011

    You look adorable! I love your mixture of blues! So summery!!


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